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Robin Thicke's Wife

NOT Mad at Miley Cyrus

For Molesting Hubby At VMAs

8/26/2013 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke ain't exactly in the dog house with his wife after allowing Miley Cyrus to dry hump him in front of millions of people at the MTV VMAs ... in fact, she couldn't be cooler about it.

Sources close to Robin's wife Paula Patton tell us she was all good with Miley touching Robin's crotch and kissing his neck during MTV's Video Music Awards ... despite reports that she went ballistic following the performance.

We're told Paula knew the performance wasn't gonna be G-Rated because there were "tons of rehearsals" before the show ... and there were no surprises during the performance.

Plus, she already let him kick it with all those naked hot chicks in the "Blurred Lines" video ... so you know she's got the stomach to watch her hubby in a super-sexually charged situation with another woman.

Robin -- you're a lucky man.



No Avatar


That's funny because I heard they had to restrain her because she attacked Miley which is allegedly why Miley left early.

360 days ago


Looking for a list of sponsors to boycott...this disgusting ugly skank whore and her filth should not have been broadcast into Americas living rooms...enough!

360 days ago

buzz kill    

If miley is looking for someplace to park her tongue, I have someplace special for her to stick it.

360 days ago


I don't understand how she can be "cool" with that performance. Dang, some of us will have nightmares for years!

360 days ago

just say it    

Of course she's cool with it. Miley is disgusting. No competition. However, she should have Robin tested for std's.

360 days ago


Just saw Paula in a new movie where she's topless. How can she be mad at Miley?

360 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Now that's a woman who knows her role

360 days ago


I really don't think Paula Patton cared what Miley and her husband did on stage - she looked stoned out of her mind.

360 days ago


What the hell is with that big nasty tongue of hers? Too bad Robin Thicke let her diminish his performance! Go away, Miley, PLEASE!!!

360 days ago

Vicarious one    

She is the typical, no real talent having teen pop star. Her entire "career" she has been told what to do, what to say, were to stand, how to move, act, sing, dance, dress, lip-sync, etc., etc. She performs some one else's song's, to some one else's music, lyrics, instrumentals, dance routines, etc. etc. These so called teen pop stars, are not musicians, they are just high paid puppets. THEY HAVE PEOPLE DOING EVERYTHING FOR THEM, IN MOST CASES EVEN PUTTING THE WORDS AND MUSIC TOGETHER, because they can't even figure out how to do that. Her star is fading now, and like all the others before her, she is trying to stay relevant. However she has no real talent, and can no longer milk the cute teen role. So she does the only real thing she knows how to do, and go for shock effect. The real Miley I would bet is not really that smart, and has very little confidence, and self respect. It is called, Compensating for feelings of inadequacy, by acting in an excessive compulsive manner. Seriously folks, if she had a micro gram of talent, or common sense, or self respect, would she be bending over in front of millions of people on live TV, in skimpy underwear. That is also the most ridiculous dance moves I have seen, since Ashley Simpson was on SNL.

360 days ago


I bet Liam's glad he escaped this train wreck. I know they were on again off again. I lost track.

360 days ago


I hated his suit

360 days ago

Vicarious one    

This "look" she is pushing is beyond hideous. It looks like a really bad attempt at impersonating Pink. Her appearance is not at all pretty, and she also has about as feminine a figure as Justin Beiber.

360 days ago


Miley cyrus should just close her legs and retire, we've had enough

360 days ago


His wife looks like a tranny too. Smh

360 days ago
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