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Robin Thicke's Wife

NOT Mad at Miley Cyrus

For Molesting Hubby At VMAs

8/26/2013 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke ain't exactly in the dog house with his wife after allowing Miley Cyrus to dry hump him in front of millions of people at the MTV VMAs ... in fact, she couldn't be cooler about it.

Sources close to Robin's wife Paula Patton tell us she was all good with Miley touching Robin's crotch and kissing his neck during MTV's Video Music Awards ... despite reports that she went ballistic following the performance.

We're told Paula knew the performance wasn't gonna be G-Rated because there were "tons of rehearsals" before the show ... and there were no surprises during the performance.

Plus, she already let him kick it with all those naked hot chicks in the "Blurred Lines" video ... so you know she's got the stomach to watch her hubby in a super-sexually charged situation with another woman.

Robin -- you're a lucky man.



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Is it me, or is Miley just NOT hot! She looked a lot better about 3 years ago when she did Party in the USA. She looks like some kind of amorphic android now, and that hair, JEEZ

385 days ago

Azaria Stewart    

But what about the pic of him grabbin the girls butt.

384 days ago


She should've be mad in a threatened kind of way. She should be mad because her husband looks like a major creep grinding with this confused post Disney star who thinks she knows what sexy is. He doesn't only look like a creep but an enabler. I am not a prude, but this whole thing was a mess.

383 days ago


I woulda tore him up when he got home I would burn his crotchety in his sleep

372 days ago

-listen up-    

TMZ, Your articles regarding Robin are dated 2012 and 2014. Should be 2013 and 2014.

208 days ago


Robin Thicke cheated on Paula Patton with singer songwriter Jane Bordeaux (Cecilia Jane Conn) (search for her fan page on Facebook) when he practically raped Jane after drugging her with what she did not know was laced pot back when she was friends with them both between 1998 - 2002 - (Jane has pictures and proof of her in their bedroom, pictures of private parties they threw for family and close friends. Jane also has pictures of her with Robin Thicke and Paula. I've seen them, there are a lot and some are intimate. Jane Bordeaux - who's real name is CeciliaJane Conn used to work with Paula at Disney's Buena Vista Television - She has been holding this huge secret in for all these years for fear of retaliation by Robin because he told her "nothing good will come of you telling anyone what I just did to you". "I remember he was trembling when he was forcing himself on top of me demanding me to stop telling him no". "I said no at least 4 times but he would not stop, he was a lot bigger than me, i am only 5' 4", he is 6' 1", "I could not stop him, he was determined to take what he wanted from me... an did against my will" says Jane. In the end Robin threatened Jane "you better not tell anyone, not even Paula because "nothing good will come of if, do you understand me?". Jane agreed not to tell anyone and he let her go back to the guest room she was staying the night in and told her "now go clean yourself up honey, I made quite a mess all over you". "I have lived with this shame and secret for nearly 16 years" conveys Jane. So Robin Thicke has a long history of cheating, but understand, the blonde student with the mirror ass grab was not the first incodent. Robin and Paula's FAUX relationship and their FAKE monogamy was realized all the way back in 1999 when Paula told Jane she was a lesbian and said just had just sex with a girl the night before while Robin watched". Paula has come onto Jane Bordeaux in the past and on many occasions, but Jane just wanted to remain 'just friends' because Paula was in a relationship with Robin. Which only enhanced Paula's growing sexual frustration towards Jane Bordeaux. Paula and Jane Bordeaux were so close that they have even taken a bath together in what was her and Robin's bedroom bathroom. It's all true. Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have both been lying to the public for many years about their sham marriage, all for their image's sake. It's gross. As Robin became more famous, so did she riding his coat tales and had the benefit of getting offered movie roles due to who she was married to. THAT is the real and ONLY reason Paula said she did not mind the cheating rumors and Miley. It's not really cheating when your telling your husband it's okay to sleep with other people and you as his wife sleep with other people too. Jane Bordeaux said she will take a lie detector test to prove she is telling the truth. Don't beleive me, just ask her... or GOOGLE IT! Ask Johnny Lopez @thejohnnylopez who used to work for TMZ - he used to work with (Cecilia Jane Conn) aka Jane Bordeaux when they both worked at Disney with Paul Patton. Jane is telling the truth now because she no longer wants to harbor this horrible secret to protect the both of them and their careers. "At this point there is no more reason for me to hide the truth or to protect old friends who have always been phoney on many levels. I am not going to lie for them anymore". I bet Robin Thicke will refuse to take a lie detector test to prove he did indeed force himself on Cecilia Jane Conn at his home in his music studio at night, on Blue Jay Way, while Paula Patton was asleep downstairs. It has been reported that Paula often cheated on him too with men and women. So stop promoting the pity party for her. She lied and cheated too. There is so much more to this story that it is gross. Jane Bordeaux's song 'EROTICATION' on iTunes could be loosely based on the night Robin forced himself on her i'm not sure. You can listen to that song for more details.

208 days ago


Miley you have crossed all the limit of vulgarity what you want Godaddy 109 coupon code

203 days ago


All y'all just shut the f#ck up and stop hating

193 days ago
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