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Justin Timberlake


Of Miley's MTV Twerkfest

8/27/2013 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Timberlake has given his official STAMP OF APPROVAL to Miley Cyrus and her crotch-thrusting, bear-grinding twerkfest at the MTV VMAs ... saying, "It's not like she did it at the Grammys."

Justin appeared on 102.7 in NYC this morning and told Jim Douglas -- "I like Miley ... I like Miley a lot."

"I think she's young. She's letting everybody know she's growing up."

JT also talks about his favorite part of the routine -- and it wasn't the twerking ... or even the drugged-out teddy bears.  In fact, it wasn't even on the stage.


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double d    

Agreed jt. She was just having fun.

423 days ago

Joan Smith    

Good for you Justin.. showing you have no class. Miley is a who%* that needs to go peddle her goods on the blvd if she wants that kind of attention. If I were here parent I'd reel her in and tell her to clean her act up. She is ridiculous.

423 days ago


Yes, I agree. Very mature performance.She's growing up. That's it. This is how adults act.

423 days ago

It's Me !    

I always confuse him w/ Jason Timberwolf.

423 days ago

GLM 3914    

He is an idiot.

423 days ago


It's a pity he approved of that lo-brow gibberish. She made Robin Thicke seem awesome.

423 days ago


No surprise he "approves" of Miley's conduct. After all, he is the one who "groped" Mila Kunis during the MTV awards not too long ago. She in turn "groped" him , "down there." The Shriners DROPPED him IMMEDIATELY as their pitchman for the Sjhriners Hospitals and the Shriners Burns Centers. Their swift action kicked him out. His conceited self did not even apologize. That is how arrogant he is. His parents are in good company with Miley's parents. Both couples raised, "trash."

423 days ago


Of course Timberlake isn't going to say anything bad about the VMA's, he was honored as a lifetime achievement award winner at the show!!! Notice he doesn't sound enthusiastic AT ALL over Miley's performance. All he said was "Ummm, yeeaahhh, it was the VMA's what do you expect?" He was completely dodging the question. Of course he's not going to say "The performance SUCKED ASS!" He doesn't want people to think he's an ass hole

423 days ago


N Me too

423 days ago


what a push over ~ he gotta imaginary helo over his head. wusssss

423 days ago

Lauren E    

Maybe he'll change his tune when he has kids.

423 days ago


It wasn't all that bad people!!!! Everybody still sees Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, they keep saying that she is supposed to be a role model for 14 yr. old girls Well guess what people, she is 20 years old she is growing up, nobody made a big deal when Brittany Spears went from good girl to slutty outfits, Miley had more clothes on than Lady Gaga for crying out loud. If you didn't like that part of the show CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!! Or better yet don't let your kids watch the VMA's, they are known for having questionable material on that show!!! Just leave Miley alone and let her grow up!!! Even she stated when she left Hannah Montana that she didn't want to be a role model for kids anymore, she wanted to do more adult material!!!

423 days ago


I didn't approve of 20 minutes of JT rehashing his career in melody form when there are so many other musicians out there that could have been performing. 5 minutes would have been enough.

423 days ago


The point is...there was ZERO talent displayed by this "grown up" entertainer. Really....that is the issue...what about it was entertaining? Nothing...and my 13. 14, and 17 year olds were disgusted and my 21-24 year old neighbors kids thought is was just a waste and a joke....they lost all respect they might have had. Sure she is getting internet access. But bottom line is-she is gross. That is what she wanted to portray about herself. She got it. I have yet to actually talk to anyone that admired, respected, "liked", or wants to follow her future performances. Good for her. I totally think she knew what she was doing. She is excited she got people talking. Her MOM is excited too. Says alot about their character, and what they feel is important.!

423 days ago


She's letting everyone know she's a tramp. Daddy should be so proud,

423 days ago
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