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Justin Timberlake


Of Miley's MTV Twerkfest

8/27/2013 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Timberlake has given his official STAMP OF APPROVAL to Miley Cyrus and her crotch-thrusting, bear-grinding twerkfest at the MTV VMAs ... saying, "It's not like she did it at the Grammys."

Justin appeared on 102.7 in NYC this morning and told Jim Douglas -- "I like Miley ... I like Miley a lot."

"I think she's young. She's letting everybody know she's growing up."

JT also talks about his favorite part of the routine -- and it wasn't the twerking ... or even the drugged-out teddy bears.  In fact, it wasn't even on the stage.


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Ban Raw Hens and leg quarters! America should file a Class Action Lawsuit against Miley Cyrus. Lol

420 days ago


Don't worry parents. I am TV. I can babysit your children. Go bone so I can indoctrinate your children with whatever trick corporate America can conjure up, disguising our agenda with promise and salvation.

420 days ago


So he's saying that Miley is just showing everyone that she is growing up? why did he criticize Britney when she kissed Madonna. At that controversy, he said he "expected more from MTV" but at seeing a younger girl grab a grown man's penis, that's ok? That's a coming of age moment? You're gross JT!!! It's not like it's the Grammy's...or the Superbowl, right? Just like when you hid from the media, and Janet was on her own when you exposed her boob. Your showing yourself to be quite the man, JT!

420 days ago


She's letting everybody know that she's growing up? Um how? I don't really think that sticking your tongue out a million times, shoving foam fingers around your crotch area and acting like a dirty stripper is really showing that you're growing up. It's just shows how immature she is and how she's desperate for attention.

420 days ago


NO this is NOT how adults behave-this is how insecure attention seeking child stars who are mentally immature behave-=approving this ludicracy is offense to ALL women and any woman who is cool w this is a complete sad mess with zero self-worth, this was not bringing sexy back, more like std's---this guy is such a suck up and i have no reason to ever listen to any of his crap again---disney must have stock in all the celeb rehabs since it's 99.9% probability all of their child stars will end as lifetime patients-

420 days ago


She is such a wannabe ratchet. Shows you how stupid she is, that she thinks ths is cool. Stop sucking down salvia and try and sing on key...

420 days ago


Justine Timberflake.... Sold his soul a LONG time ago and can't voice his real opinion. Moving on........

420 days ago


Great! Now that Mr. Timberlake has weighed in, can we stop talking about it?

420 days ago

Mister E    

SK rew all you seat belt wearing tea toddling wannabe mad mothers, maybe we need another law.
wear a helmet when twerking, and never act goofy and young, the internet is full of #2 bags, Trolls, Miley was totally punk rock, good for her, she shocked all the goody goodies, good for her, you all S U C K

420 days ago

Jennifer De La Rosa    

Shes rich famous and don't give a **** what anyone thinks. She Gaines more publicity and more fans doing what she did . Madonna and Brittney did the same **** get over it already . Moving forward...

420 days ago


"I think she's young. She's letting everybody know she's growing up."

You THINK she's young? Hey Justin, she IS young. It's not a matter of opinion. And if you think twerking and public masterbation are signs of "growing up," YOU have a lot of growing up to do, boy.

420 days ago


With all the talk about Miley, I realized, I haven't watched MTV since the 90s. For the people who didn't like her performance, if they did the same, MTV would've disappeared back when it stopped playing videos, ha, and started being game and reality shows. People watch the junk, and then get offended by it, because it's junk???

420 days ago


I just felt sad for Miley. She went from using real talent to "is she the next Amanda Bynes" - she thought she was cool, but really was not all there. Lady Gaga and Miley thought they were bringing powerhouse to the VMA's and instead brought "trashy", even celebrities with low standards were offended. That in the end says more than all the average people on here rooting for her public meltdown.

420 days ago


People are hatin Miley not cause she is actin like bitch just because she is rich and she gut it . Justin is 32 nd Miley is 20 Anit he suppose not to lap dance her but hey still people love justin lol people are looool dis days

420 days ago


You call that "grown up"????

420 days ago
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