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Justin Timberlake


Of Miley's MTV Twerkfest

8/27/2013 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Timberlake has given his official STAMP OF APPROVAL to Miley Cyrus and her crotch-thrusting, bear-grinding twerkfest at the MTV VMAs ... saying, "It's not like she did it at the Grammys."

Justin appeared on 102.7 in NYC this morning and told Jim Douglas -- "I like Miley ... I like Miley a lot."

"I think she's young. She's letting everybody know she's growing up."

JT also talks about his favorite part of the routine -- and it wasn't the twerking ... or even the drugged-out teddy bears.  In fact, it wasn't even on the stage.


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I couldn't believe how trashy she performed! What a waste for someone who is capable of so much more. My 6 year old looks up to her, she needs to be a much better role model! For anyone to say she did this to show she is growing up, totally contradict themselves, this just showed how young, and immature she is. Hope she learns her lesson and doesn't make that nasty distrusting choice again. Be a lady stay modest and classy!

422 days ago


If Justin Timberlake had any respect or paid any attention to up and coming artists, there's no way he would be supporting this trailer-trash approach to getting fans and attention by Miley.

Justin, if YOU had been asked to take your clothes off and behave like this in public just to prove you were "grown up" or "were now worthy of being watched by adult audiences", would YOU have done that?

You DIDN"T do that! You didn't need to to attract and adult audience. So why are you advocating that WOMEN should do that? And you are! YOU didn't do it, didn't need to, but you're justifying that's OK for others to do it (IF they're female, and IF they can't get to the top through talent)! THINK ABOUT THAT before you twitter off and put your name to things, JT!

422 days ago


Part of growing up is acting as if you've lost your f-cking mind?
That whole act is closer to childish or insane than it is to mature. Not that it bothers me, it doesn't, it's just my opinion....
I also feel that JT just wants to suck on Miley's c-ck & ball sack...

422 days ago

BB not bb    

Where do you get to see the Smith family reaction? Is that part of her bear sex video? I noticed a lot of people looked very shocked. Justin is just another Disney star, so I guess it is all normal looking for him. I didn't like when Madonna or Britney acted all sleazy and crazy either.

The weird thing is the mixture of childhood and sex themes in this performance, for one thing. Also, Miley never acted like this years ago. Madonna was always shocking and sleazy. Britney went nuts at a certain point, which was weird, but it was really against herself. Then Miley is like acting like someone else and dragging childhood themes into it.

You don't act like this and expect people to think it is normal and cute. The point is, what was the point then? If it is supposed to be provocative an thought provoking, what is the message? I did not get a good message from this.

Maybe Justin is programmed to just go along with things like this. He sounds like he is trying to talk like some gangster rapper with that accent. Did he always talk like that?

422 days ago


Of course he's not going to bad mouth another artist. He's a real entertainer and a classy guy. Even if she is acting crazier than a ****house rat, he's still going to say, "that's just Miley being Miley, doing her thing."

422 days ago


Another Madonna wanabe.

422 days ago

Paula Stein    

Sad I have lost all respect for Justine. You just stooped to an all new low. Just wait till you have children and you have to explain the behavior of these raunchy acts that you choose to support.

422 days ago

Paula Stein    

Sad I have lost all respect for Justine. You just stooped to an all new low. Just wait till you have children and you have to explain the behavior of these raunchy acts that you choose to support.

422 days ago


wow, what a no ball z looser he is now!

422 days ago


Justin, if this is what grown up looks like to you, I feel sorry for you. Grown ups like to keep it classy not trashy. All this is a screwed up rich kid.

422 days ago

Tim C    

His ability to judge acceptability was lost when he decided those stupid looking caps looked good on him.

421 days ago


Of course he approves--coming from someone who unveiled Janet Jackson's nipples on live tv and I really believe it wasn't an "accident"

421 days ago


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421 days ago


Okay, so I kinda get Miley wanting to show off the fact she has grown away from her Hannah Montana image & is wanting to explore different avenues. However her porn performance at the vma,s was way to up in your face with a show off attitude. She could have and should have embraced the opportunity by dressing classy/sexy and performing with dignity versus creeping out millions of people.

421 days ago


He sounds like he's afraid to say anything harmful... Not to upset the Disney cart.. We all know that it was just plane embarassing,So why is everyone afraid to say it.. If I was Billy Ray I'd be afraid to show my face.

421 days ago
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