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Lamar Odom

Clippers Won't Re-Sign

Crack Was Last Straw

8/27/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Lamar Odom
will remain a free agent -- at least for now -- because the L.A. Clippers refused to re-sign him in light of his abuse of drugs, including crack cocaine ... TMZ has learned.

NBA sources tell TMZ, team officials really wanted to re-sign Lamar over the summer after he performed well last season, but he was nearly impossible to reach ... and they couldn't make progress on contract discussions.

We're told the Clippers were STILL interested despite Lamar's flaky behavior, but after news broke about the NBA star's issues with drug addiction ... the team closed the book on a new deal, permanently.

Former L.A. Laker forward Antawn Jamison has since struck an agreement with the Clip Show, and the team's roster is now full ... meaning Lamar's SOL ... at least with the Clippers.

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Was it him or his agent that was allegedly on the drug binge and hard to get a hold of?

Why would Lamar being on a drug binge impede the Clippers ability to talk to his agent? His agent seem to be able to reach him just fine.

Case and point, this particular story smells like BS.

430 days ago


good luck getting anyone to marry into that family ever again! Mama K just created a klan of life-long spinsters.

430 days ago


There trying to cut him down so low he has no choice but to run back to the fat ass whale

430 days ago


Damn......... I wish I had lamar as a customer.

430 days ago


Playing pro basketball requires random drug testing. Your fans believe in you Lamar please leave that family.

430 days ago


1. Who says he's doing crack? 2. Unless I see a photo of him with crack, doing crack, inhaling crack will I believe he's a crack head AND EVEN IF HE IS why is this adulterous whore, Mama K spreading this private family matter. This IS exactly what it looks like. The Kartrashians smearing a guy because he's sick of one of their girls. Bruce and Scott I am sorry to say this. But, you're next. Scott can have 2 more kids with Kortney & it won't matter. When he's fed up & leaves ... We will hear what a deadbeat he is bla bla. Yawn.

430 days ago


Another one bite the dust... ****ing kardashians tryna ruin this mans life. Lamar leave that ****en fatass wife of yours. She ruining u. And that damnass Kanye just had to go to that pornstar and father her child?when is this gonna end?

430 days ago


but after (((news))) broke about the NBA star's issues with drug addiction ... the team closed the book on a new deal, permanently.

Big fan of TMZ but as a Journalism major and bigger fan of Lamar, I really have to remember your mission statement during times like this that you are a (((Gossip)))column and If anything ultimately bad happens to LO this week then its an even split between personal issues /drug dependency /and Gossipy TMZ that lists no credible/respectfull sources on this matter the last few days while helping to sink his career - just sayin'

430 days ago


Good he sucks anyway

430 days ago


Selfish bastard, what about your KIDS!

430 days ago

that Toronto guy    

Poor guy! His marriage to a kardashian is messin with his buzz!

430 days ago

O.G. Native    

The k clan and TMZ ****ed up his basketball career!!!

430 days ago


Why don't you retards shut the **** up. You know nothing about the people life, keeping writing and
Saying a lot of crap. It is just like people who is
Mentally sick they talk and write rubbish all the time

430 days ago

GMA Susie    

I am so sorry to hear this about Lamar. Having the background he has and losing his grandmother (GMA) at such a young age and then having the only family he knows- The Lakers- trade him- was probably a spinoff of this. It is a hard road to get off of but not an impossible road- I have faith that Lamar can do it. He has a loving wife, Khloe who I think will stand by his side. Please Lamar get help. Your grandmother is looking down wanting to help you so bad. Please get the help. Each and Everyone of us has had a hard road at sometime in our life. Know you have fans and a wife that loves you dearly along with a grandmother looking down begging you to get help. There is no one to blame so be strong, have courage and Please check yourself into a rehad immediately- Do it for your grandmother - Do it for your wife- Do it for your fans. Anyone who makes jokes about this situation is just a sick person- I am hoping the next thing I read is Lamar Odom has checked into a rehad to get help. We love you Lamar-

430 days ago



430 days ago
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