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Lamar Odom


Back Home & Looking Thin

8/27/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
is wearing the stress of his marriage -- and possibly his NBA career -- falling apart as he battles addiction to hardcore drugs ... and TMZ has the first photos of him in several days.

Lamar's face looked gaunt when he was spotted Monday afternoon driving his SUV around the San Fernando Valley ... not far from his home with Khloe Kardashian.

As TMZ first reported ...Khloe kicked Odom out of the house last Wednesday when he rejected her attempt to stage an intervention -- hoping to convince him to get treatment for his addiction to crack cocaine. 

But 2 interesting signs from Lamar's outing Monday -- he was still wearing his wedding ring ... and he was spotted driving into the gated community where he and Khloe live.

As we already told you ... Khloe's not giving up, and has had at least one meeting with LO within the last 48 hours.

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I still don't believe all the rumors that seem to change by the hour. Yesterday he was supposedly "Missing" today he's supposedly "thin" from crack. They were supposedly getting a divorce,now they are reconciling. lamar tells Khloe that if she doesn't allow him to come home that he will file for divorce,what kind of ultimatum would that be,usually if someone doesn't want you to come back home they won't care if you file for divorce.Also if they get divorced Khloe gets the house so it definately shouldn't matter who filed for divorce if Khloe gets to keep the house she has plenty of her own money to do whatever she wants.Lamar is thin,how many overweight basketball players are in the NBA ? Answer, none. No matter who you are if you have all kinds of chaos going on in your life you will start to look a little worn down but I don't see him looking like a crack head or anything. Leave Khloe and Lamar alone and let them get on with there lives,it should be obvious that Khloe and Lamar genuinely love each other of Khloe would have filed for divorce and Lamar would have found out in the press,like Kris and Kim. If anyone's marriage is put under the microscope and the sabotaged that goes along with the Kardashian's most people would either not make it as a couple or they would blow PMK away with the most powerful gun they could find for trying to destroy there reputation,ruin there career as well as there marriage. There isn't much hope for a normal life when you are a part of the Kardashian's and PMK decides you are the one to be blacklisted. I think she wanted Lamar on her show and either Lamar said no or he had a previous commitment and couldn't be on her show so Lamar was to be banished like a common person and since Kanye went on and helped her ratings he is the golden boy,it's not going to matter because that is the end of her show because she is hated by most people. I despise Kim and Kanye and I don't give a damned about baby North West. I was not one of the people waiting on the edge of my seat to see that child,it's going to be turned into those crazy nuts that she will have to call her family. Just let Lamar and Khloe figure out for themselves what they want in there lives and there marriage and no one is taking into account that Lamar has children that are being harmed by all of these rumors and innuendo's and even if he were guilty his children shouldn't see there dad and his name drug through the mud,it's not right.(I don't believe he's guilty and until I hear it out of his mouth I won't believe it)

429 days ago


I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

429 days ago


I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

429 days ago

James "Skip" Hubbard    

Lamar & Khloe, I understand the struggle. I'm in recovery myself and have been sober for going on 12 years. If you want to hear from someone who can possibly help call me @ (818)355-6291. I own a sober living for men post treatment. I'm not trying to get or make any money, rather to help a fellow addict.

427 days ago


I think khloe & Lamar have THE best relationship! They are both the most down to earth people, that know Real Love! I'm a big fan of theirs, and I know they are strong enough to get through whatevers going on! This kind of stuff can happen to anyone! Nobody is exempt, no matter who you are..it may not be easy, but they will get through the hurdles! In sickness & in health! Khloes a good girl, she meant that & I know he did too! Let khloe & Lamar handle it the way they think is best!

425 days ago
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