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Miley Cyrus


They're For Cuddling, NOT Twerking!

8/27/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-miley-cyrus-bears-sex-gettyMiley Cyrus is CORRUPTING the cuddly, innocent reputation of teddy bears -- and she needs to be stopped ASAP ... so says a prominent teddy bear organization (yes, they actually exist). 

In case you've been living under a rock -- Miley's been under fire ever since she bumped, grinded and twerked her crotch through an army of seemingly drugged out teddy bears during her VMA performance.

Now, a rep for the Teddy Bear Fund -- an org. dedicated to giving out stuffed animals at abuse shelters -- tells TMZ, "Miley made a poor choice to use a universally loved children's teddy bear in an offensive way."

"There is always good art and bad art -- unfortunately ... this was bad art," the rep adds.

"Hopefully she might consider reversing this situation by giving lots of teddy bears to children in need of comfort."

We tried to find a rep for a foam finger organization -- but apparently, that's not really a thing ... yet.


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I am old. I have never watched a Hanna Montana episode. I thought her performance last week was pretty funny. I think it is called acting folks. Her performance has provided her with quite a platform to springboard her to be one of the most successful actresses of her generation. Talk about getting some press out there. Good job

385 days ago

Morticia Addams     

I hope she takes the serious advice to donate stuffed animals to children in need of comfort!

385 days ago


She's WHITE TRASH.....This girl used to be soooo sweet & innocent...She's a disgrace....God I can't stomach her. Please, please go away...(And take the trashians along w/her when you leave.

385 days ago


I thought that those were pedobears. Seriously. Not teddy bears...

385 days ago


My favorite part is when you think she is gone because Thicke transitioned to the 3rd song. Then, suddenly there is a shot of her by the drums with that nasty tongue hanging out and doing that same stupid dance! LMAO

385 days ago


Who told her that sticking her tongue out sideways is cool or hot? Like she isn't a severe redneck to begin with. May this ruin her career and put an end to the daily peep show we get of her flabby ass and lanky body.

385 days ago


They have sad faces because miley twerked on the ands have them std's

385 days ago


Does nobody realize Miley is only the worker here. Like a wal-mart worker told what to do and when, except a better rate of pay probably.
She is not the director of this episode....gig.
She only got paid to perform this, if she did not get this job someone else would have.
I don't believe she had a choice if she wanted the act.
Yes she chose the act, but not the performance.
Stll, very questionable having a teen idol twerking at an older man, teddy bears, and the chucky-cheese-mouse thing. Gotta Shake My Head!

385 days ago


People can slam Miley Cyrus all they want! She brought it live, unlike many others who choose to lip sync...face it people Hannah Montana has grown up!

385 days ago


Now this is a bit much. Lol. Miley's performance was atrocious but for a teddy bear organization to speak out? And about her use of teddy bears on stage? Really? No, guys. No.

385 days ago


All little girls start with a teddy bear.

385 days ago


I hate Mikey but you should see what my dog does to a random teddy bear on the floor sometimes.

385 days ago


LMAO foam finger representative.

385 days ago


I know TED next movie gonna be funny!

385 days ago

Mrs.Shaneil Iona-Jayelin-Scott    

Honestly maybe I am being a little bias however in my opinion I do think team miley who is still my girl just needs a little tough love as well as rehab along with prayer instead of the fans throwing her under the bus like she is not entitled to make human mistakes as well as human choices.I mean it's called still growing up and finding her way that' all and also keep in mind this could very well be a "marketing strategy" you know. So please stop judging and just keep her in prayer because it's obviously she has some major issues which will past in due time so.I wish her well "I love you team miley" a true loyal supportive fan forever moving on as for team robin thicke he is a older age married man with a son he should know better.I am leave it at that otherwise the rest of the show was alright not the greatest although could have been better but nevertheless it was fair I suppose maybe if god's will It will be alot better next year that is if it is a next year who knows end of story bye...

385 days ago
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