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NYC Taxi

Actually Stops for Black Person

8/27/2013 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



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Wow. People need to calm down. It's obviously a joke. A bad one, but a joke none-the-less.

420 days ago


I think it's time I take TMZ off my daily browser tab. You guys are getting so ridiculous with your "stories" It's so clear the Kardashians pay you off (everyone knows it) you make up these crazy silly headlines and you try and ruin anyone who dare crosses the Kardashians. You're so bias in your posts. I've come here for over 6 years but I think I'm gonna stick to Huffington post celebrity page for any kind of celebrity gossip because you guys are pathetic!

420 days ago


This is a pathetic, low brow attempt at race baiting, masqueraded as satire. Cue TMZ defending their actions, saying some people "can't take a joke" in a few hours., even though you'd have to be a complete moron to think of this as intended as comedy.

420 days ago

Morticia Addams     

Does TMZ have a bar? In office? Where the employees get to drink ALL day -and come up with the silliest junk stories they can find?

420 days ago


I love This woman. Just beautiful. Theres rumors that her and Drake are seeing each other again. If true I say why not. I love her and him. At least remain friends.

420 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, tens of thousands of African Americans, and Black people from all over the world get in a taxi every day in NYC. Black, White, Latino, Asian, they all get in the subway every day.
NYC is a cosmopolitan melting pot and one of most egalitarian places in the world.
And you fuqueheads make stupid jokes and rile up the TMZ racists. I'm guessing because deep down inside, the twelve year old who wrote this hates minorities.

420 days ago


... flat fare ...

420 days ago

Boy Gary    

Hey, whats with the incidiary comments? You guys are not as funny as you think you really not.

420 days ago


Tmz,are you letting the Intern's post news stories now,Amateur hour.

420 days ago


Why is TMZ's first instinct to fuel racial tension? Stupid!

420 days ago


Except for local news, I will not give NBC, ABC, CBS any air time at all!!!! They enjoy ripping our country apart. Why? Give to them more smoke to blow!! The Media, Hollywood, Al Sharpton (the biggest racist of them all) will not rest until a racial civil war starts in this country. This is getting OLD

420 days ago


This chick has so much various DNA going on inside her body, its hard to attribute her to any one race. I am stunned most major body parts are not waving in the wind.

420 days ago


ohhhh what a story!! I can't wait to share the news!

420 days ago


I bet a lot of these people whining in the comments are some of the same ones quick to lecture someone about being able to take a joke and not being so sensitive...get over yourselves.

420 days ago


The taxicab driver probably spotted Rihanna's big gold necklace so he pulled over.

I bet the gangsta rappers have to flash their jewelry AND a big wad of cash to get a cab to pick them up. If they don't look totally stoned then maybe he lets them in the car.

420 days ago
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