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Teresa & Joe Giudice

Clash with Cops

Over Five Whole Bucks

8/27/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five stinkin' dollars ... that's what started a massive argument this weekend between several police officers and "Real Housewives" stars Teresa and Joe Giudice -- all because the couple didn't want to pay a tiny beach entrance fee, sources tell TMZ.

Here's the back story -- the Giudices were kickin' it on Ship Bottom beach on Long Beach Island, NJ Saturday afternoon (with roughly 30 friends and family members) when they were approached by a teen girl beach worker.

Sources on the scene tell us, the employee asked to see the Giudices' "beach badges" -- basically $5 admission tickets required to chill in the sand -- and the family flipped, refusing to "pay to go to the beach."

We're told one family member even yelled at the girl, saying, "F*** you, f*** this we are not paying for the f***ing beach. This is a joke!" Remember: 5 dollars per person.

We're told the girl started crying, and when beach PD responded ... the Giudices continued to kick up a stink, but eventually coughed up chump change.

Of course, Teresa and Joe are facing massive money fraud charges, but still -- 2 TV stars oughta cough up 5 dollars without a fight.


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God I can't wait till these two get what they really deserve!!!

389 days ago


You have to pay for a beach badge on every public beach in the State of NJ. I have seen these these two morons and their family on the beach in Long Beach Island, as the have a house across the Manahawkin Bay and KNOW you need to have beach badges. The fact that they berated the teenage beach badge checker is repulsive, just like they are. Can't wait until they are both in jail and lose everything they have!!!!!!!!!!

389 days ago


It is very sad that we have to pay! but I understand it to maintain the area for those who abuse it! That`s why I paid once to go to my Father`s favorite place on Lake Mead in Las Vegas to release his ashes after he died, but Trashy Tre thinks she is above all of it!

389 days ago


It's the same entitlement mentality that LeBron has. Too good to sit in traffic. Too good to pay for beach tags. I won't even start on Miley and that Beiber brat.. Ugh. Our kids look up to these idiots. Money and fame without brains. Bad combo. Welcome to America 2013.

389 days ago


These two just think they are above society's rules the rest of us are required to follow. It's just proves how cheap they really are. First they rob our country of millions of dollars and now this. They must not care about leaving their kids behind so they can sit in prison for multiple years.

389 days ago


It's not really about the money (or at least it shouldn't be). Coastal Access is a RIGHT secured initially by the Magna Charta in 1215 A.D.. Here in California, we have re-iterated that right in our State Constitution , beginning in 1849, and continuing on to the present day.

Under the doctrine of "pari materia" they should also have the same rights in New Jersey, that people have in California.

Also the US Constitution re-affirms the common law rights, which the people held at the time of its writing, in the 9th Amendment. How is it that no else has ever challenged this law/local practice regarding an entrance fee for Coastal Access? That would be like saying you have a right free speech - but we're enacting a per-word tax upon that right...

389 days ago


I"m sorry...but it appears the Giudice family believe they are above the law. If I were them I'd be keeping a very low profile considering all of the criminal allegations/court dates coming up! They honestly can't afford beach badges with all their money? Great example to teach their children! Keep up the great work!

389 days ago


These people are pond s***!

389 days ago


Just goes to show u, money can't buy class. F'ing white trash! Enjoy jail.

389 days ago


These moguls belong a boat back to meatball land.

389 days ago


They should be so proud.... verbally abusing a teenage badge checker.

389 days ago

Layla Brown    

How much lower can these two slime balls go?? They are s*** of the Earth! Why are they still alowed to roam around? Hurry up and put joe and

389 days ago


Beach fees are necessary to hire, train, and pay lifeguards plus the cost of their equipment. They also cover the cost of cleaning and maintaining the beach, emptying trash, cleaning all the garbage people carelessly leave on the beach, trash that is washed ashore, etc. $5 is a SMALL fee. A very reasonable fee. If they had a problem with the fee, why take it up with a teenager? They are lucky they weren't in other town, they don't ask questions on some NJ beaches. If you don't have the badge - you get a costly ticket. Period. If they can't afford a badge, perhaps they should stay home.

388 days ago


I just can't believe that Teresa an Joe make a Big Deal about Paying to sit on the Beach an they had aways done it before over an over again and Especially when the Hurricane Sandy went through there an mess up alot of the Beach an too pay the $5 to maintain the Beaches Beauty of it, WOW !!!

388 days ago


The fact that they're charging money for people to go to the beach is sheer stupidity and shows just how greedy Americans really are. - In CANADA beaches are free.. Ain't that a beach?

388 days ago
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