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Justin Timberlake


For 13-Year-Old Brain Surgery Survivor

8/28/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake has a new biggest fan ... a 13-year-old brain surgery survivor ... who's so impressive that JT stopped his entire media tour yesterday to spend some quality time with her.

JT was being rushed through an NYC building on his way into a live radio interview Tuesday, when he crossed paths with Tina DiLascio -- who told Justin her daughter Giana is a "Make-a-Wish" kid who underwent brain surgery last year to fix a serious blockage in her pituitary gland.

Justin was so impressed -- he stopped in his tracks -- and asked if he could meet Giana, who was waiting outside the building with her brother.  We're told JT waited patiently as Tina grabbed Giana ... brought her inside ... and introduced the two.

Tina tells TMZ ...  Giana and Justin chatted for several minutes. JT asked if she watched the VMAs and she lit up, telling Justin he's "The next Michael Jackson" ... to which JT bowed his head and said, "Thank you."

Giana asked if she could take a pic with Justin, who agreed ... but only under one condition -- "Only if you make it your screen saver!" 

Eventually, JT had to leave ... but not before giving Giana a big hug and telling her to "be well."

And in case you're wondering ... the pic IS her screen saver now.



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Janet Becraft    

Mr. Justin Timberlake, you did the right thing of you spending time with the 13 year old (Giana) who survived a brain surgery.
JT, you made this girl feel alot better and this is a GOD send for her.
GOD BLESS YOU JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and GOD BLESS YOU GIANA and get better real real soon.

366 days ago


What an awesome story! God bless this girl, may she live a long and healthy life.

366 days ago


Ok - he has officially become my favorite. When he abandoned NSync, I was very upset, thinking him selfish and greedy. I apologize and take it all back. I want this young man to have all the good things God has to offer (I was just a little upset that he didn't thank his new bride in any of his speeches - unless I missed it)

366 days ago


That was awesome for him to take the time for her! Imso happy for her, and sounds like she will be ok. I wish more celebs would take a little more time to do the same as JT! She is a cutie!

366 days ago

Chanelle Rose    

JT is such a nice guy! No wonder how he managed to stay relevant all these years!

366 days ago


You're a class act JT, keep it up!!!!!!!!!

366 days ago


I just love him he's always been a good guy :)

366 days ago


Friggin awesome! Michael J Fox had doen the same thing for my sister when she was alive. She had spina bifida and he saw her, stoped and came overto take a picture with her. More Hollywood stars she be so kind.

366 days ago


Oh...hey. He actually paid attention to one kid. One kid out of the hundreds or thousands who have wanted to meet him and he's blown them off to their face. But hey, tmz and all the other **** sites kiss his ass even though he's a super-hostile celebrity and cheats on his wife.
Never mind the fact that Justin Bieber has granted the most wishes of ANY celebrity (besides John Cena) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But I don't see this site mentioning that, even though he's only been in the business for four years versus, what? 20 years almost for JT? Bieber sure doesn't get a mention for that, just inconsequential stuff that's blown out of proportion by sensationalist sites and hateful mobs. I see the malice, and double standards hold strong.
Great job TMZ!...not.

366 days ago


I swear to God, this site is run and viewed only by morons who don't know ****. He's a jackass. But his life will never blow up in his face, because he's been the medias darling for years. They never publish all the bad stuff he does ALL THE TIME.

366 days ago


That was nice of him!

366 days ago


A class act; Bieber, take note and learn something.

366 days ago


As sweet as it may be I'm sorry that girl would not have that head of hair after having brain surgery, even if it was a year ago. Even dipping her head in miracle grow wouldn't have it looking like that...sorry, I call publicity stunt.

366 days ago


Class act. Justin is a child star with a real head on his shoulders & it seems he never sold his soul to the devil like most child stars do. He doesn't live for attention and seems very comfortable with his fame.

366 days ago


Just be happy for the girl. :)Regardless, of what your opionion is of Justin. It was the girls moment not JT, it shouldn't be spoiled for HER! And I highly doubt they would use a minor and tell a fake story about something as serious as brain surgery. I am sure there are procedures done through the nasal passages to the area of the brain? Does it really at this point need to be analyzed?! They have so many breakthrough procedures. Let the child have her moment.

366 days ago
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