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Lamar Odom


'Listening to Reason'

8/28/2013 7:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom has finally returned home ... with Khloe Kardashian ... but he remains undecided about seeking treatment for drug addiction, TMZ has learned.

Odom returned to his L.A. pad Monday after going off the grid for several days. Sources tell us both Lamar and Khloe are inside the home and addressing some serious issues, including Lamar's out-of-control crack problem.

We're told there's still no talk of divorce -- and Khloe is determined to help Lamar get his life back on track.

One source tells us Lamar is "open to reason and listening to the people who love him the most" ... a drastic change from a week ago, when L.O. rejected an attempted intervention.

We're told no decision has been made on possible treatment, but Lamar is "receptive."

Lamar seemed to be in good spirits Monday night -- when he was spotted out on a gas run near the home and stopped to pose for a photo with a young fan.

We know ... several of Lamar's NBA friends have tried to reach out to him, but it seems for the most part, L.O. is keeping to himself.


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No Avatar


Yeah, I'd go home to that family that completely trashed my career. He seems like a very nice guy but not too bright. Sad

423 days ago


Khloe... can I get a side of fries with all of your lies

423 days ago


Really wishing Lamar the best! I highly doubt this is a crack addiction but I do believe it could be pain killers or something of that nature due to his recent injuries. LO is a good guy but he's emotionally weak which is understandable considering the tough life he's had to deal with...death of his mother, father's addiction, death of his baby, and so much more. The last thing he needed in his life were the Kardashians although I think he probably chose the best of the bunch with Khloe (not in the looks department ok).

Here's to hoping PJ, Magic, and Kobe reach out to him and help him get through this. I'd love to see LO in a Lakers jersey again. No one is oerfect and he'll overcome this. Good luck LO!

423 days ago


He looks pretty healthy for a serious crack head. There's still no hard core proof that he's on crack. How come the NBA hasn't said anything? Only TMZ is covering this.

423 days ago

true life     

Everybody has something the do that they enjoy doing ... But it is how you control what you do... go smart money

423 days ago


Hilarious how people are on here talking about Kardashians leaking this story, that is bullsh*t, why would they leak something like this, which would jeopardize his career, they wouldn't want him home broke with no job, your delusional logic makes no sense. Stop being so stupid and full of hate and start using your common sense.

423 days ago


Nothing is sacred with these yahoos.

423 days ago


I was skeptical since the beginning - all generated from TMZ with no other sources confirming except ESPN to report that according to his rep who was named, he wasn't missing. Public initially supporting Odom, NOT Khloe, which must have been a huge shock to the Ks. Now Odom goes home??? Now believe entire thing orchestrated by Kris Jenner and it backfired. Now she's back peddling with the help of TMZ.

423 days ago


Is this picture from the same night that you were alledging he looks "gaunt"? He looks fine to me...hardly the image of a hardcore crack head like you're trying to make him look like. He & Hernandez all of a sudden are hardcore drug addicts? I smell bullsh*t. If they're addicts then they need to run a class on how to do it cuz I can't tell.

423 days ago


Rumor control has it he was smoking crack with lindsay liehan.

423 days ago


Oxy is nasty stuff. I have a couple of friends that take it one for a car accident and one for back surgery. It took them no time at all to get hooked on it. Now they dr. shop for it.

Odom doesn't need this Kardashian Krap if he want's to get better. This should be a private matter for him and you know the Kardashians will keep this anything but private.

423 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Run, Lamar, run while you still can!!!!

423 days ago


RO explains why he as able to get away with using Oxy for years...he had a prescription. I find this odd.

423 days ago


If he has any sense he was there packing his bags....If I had to deal with the Kardashians I'd be drunk all the time!

423 days ago


FFS TMZ, chill out on the Lamar bashing! TMZ is starting to look the fool with all these National Enquirer-esque stories that have been proven false or don’t make any sense. I think Kris J is feeding a lot of nonsense to TMZ in an attempt to punish or even ruin Lamar – possibly because of the cheating rumors.

I am convinced Kris J is the biggest narcissist of them all, and she really doesn’t give 2 craps about anyone but herself, and possibly Kim (her mini-me). Kris J is probably doing this to make her family look the victim, just like she tried to do with Kris Humphries. Look how she treats Bruce, his mother, his children and her own mother? She also has control issues, and is probably pissed she’s not able to control Khloe and Lamar.

How could Lamar have the wherewithal to pack suitcases, drive around and get gas - on three separate occasions, if he were high on crack? TMZ had photos of all these events, and Lamar did not look high in any of them. That story about Khloe still wearing her wedding ring was just too much. She had only been ‘separated’ for a few days – was she supposed to hawk it and change her Facebook status to single? Please back off TMZ – you are adding way too much fuel to the fire.

423 days ago
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