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Lamar Odom

Focusing on Tacos

... Not Crack

8/28/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
would rather order tacos than answer questions about his crack problem ... and we don't blame him ... his order sounds delicious.

The NBA star was making a munchies run moments ago, hitting up a Taco Bell drive-thru near his and Khloe's Tarzana home ... and proudly displaying his wedding ring ... when he was pelted with questions about his drug addiction.

Lamar wasn't feeling talkative, but he did manage to complete his order ... laughing in the process.

It's a good sign Odom has stopped smoking crack -- at least temporarily -- because one does not typically make food runs while zonked.

As we reported, Lamar has returned home after going MIA for several days and is now listening to his wife Khloe's advice, though he's still undecided about seeking treatment for his crack cocaine problem.

Fun fact: the famous Taco Bell chihuahua died in 2009. R.I.P.


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I have several friends in the nba and there is no way Lamar is addicted to crack. He does however have an RX pain pill problem. This is common though, when players are recovering from an injury and then have a hard time kicking it. Like any good lie, this has traction because there is a thread of truth in it. He does have an addiction problem. But it's not crack.

398 days ago


I hope Lamar sues Mike & tmz for all this racist, defamatory bs being fed by the Kardashian clan
Despicable people

398 days ago


Its all fake thats why he's smiling ... He probably left fiona from sherek bcuz her pimp momma and sisters made the whole iish up and he didnt agree with them

398 days ago


hold up here, lamar is not buying "tacos etc" for himself. he is on a foodie run for his fat lazy brother in law rob kardasian. i wish lamar best of luck with his "drug problem" i think rob is the one hold up eating junk food. not lamar smoking crack. just saying

398 days ago


Leave him alone. I can see the "this is so strange, having grown ass men taking pics 2 feet away" look on his face. I hope hes ok regaurdless if he stays with Khloe or not. xoxo

398 days ago

TMZ is gettin paid by the Kardashians    

"For the past month to six weeks, every story coming out about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom dealt with Lamar cheating and all the women he was cheating with and all the sordid details of the cheating. Kris Jenner was not in control of any of those stories. She just had to watch and wait as it all happened and hope there were no more women. When everyone said the couple was set to divorce, Kris said there had not even been talk about divorce. You and I know that was a lie. Of course it was a lie. You don't have your husband cheat on you a bazillion times and embarrass you all over the world and not discuss it. That was a stupid statement by Kris, but she was tring to control the story.

Remember when Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian split? Kris Jenner went back and reshot a bunch of scenes for the show so she could show that Kim was a victim and that she did everything to save the marriage and that Kris Humphries was evil and blah blah blah. The story that they switched everything was gone in a few days, but those reruns of the show are out there forever.

Now, Kris Jenner has started feeding stories to their beloved Harvey at TMZ. Yes, the same TMZ that refuses to say anything about any Kardashian ever. They will probably die if Kanye marries Kim because then they will have to be nice to him.

TMZ is saying in an article they posted last night that Lamar Odom has a serious drug problem and that Khloe does not care about the affairs, but wants to save Lamar's life. It also says that when Lamar refused to go to rehab two day ago, Khloe kicked him out of the house. Umm, he has been living out of the house for over a month, and had been living in The Roosevelt for a month before that, so when did the kicking out occur? See, it's all spin. Photos of Lamar loading suitcases. Kris says, "This it it." Khloe kicked him out and here is the proof.

It's all a scam to make everyone named Kardashian look good. Does Lamar Odom take drugs? Yeah. He smokes pot for sure. other drugs? He is tested by the NBA all the time and has not been in trouble with them in a long time. TMZ called him a hardcore recreational user. If you smoke pot everyday, several times each day, that would make you, by definition a hardcore recreational drug user.

The divorce is coming. Kris is just making sure you see Khloe as some saint, who went above and beyond. Those scenes you will see on television. You won't see or hear a word about affairs or cheating, just Khloe being a saint, and TMZ will make sure they help.

Don't forget that TMZ and People are owned by the same company. They get a discount on kneepads."


398 days ago


Ok we get it tmz. You can leave him alone now.. Smh

398 days ago


Taco Bell and crack don't mix. I wonder how many times he's sh*t the bed on his wifey. This is TMI.

398 days ago


How do they walk up to someone's car like that? Get well soon Lamar.

398 days ago


EVERYONE but TMZ reporting Jenner's talk show cancelled. Harvey needs to get approval from Kris Jenner before running and to put the spin on it that she quit due to family obligations.

398 days ago


Let us now when he takes a dump...

398 days ago


This is a publicity stunt. Lamar dies not have a drug problem. Theres no way if this were true he 2ill not be running errands buying tacos. ****en kardashian family thinks we are stupid to believe their bull****. Poor lamar is bait and he doesn't realise it. Wake the **** up

398 days ago


Now tell me that none of this fake B.S. drama is being filmed for their fake lives show.

398 days ago


Tmz, you guys are s***.

398 days ago

She's baaaack    

Somehow linking the word taco to anything remotely connected to the word Kardashian reminds me of grease, stink, and hair. Not a good picture.

398 days ago
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