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Lamar Odom

Focusing on Tacos

... Not Crack

8/28/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
would rather order tacos than answer questions about his crack problem ... and we don't blame him ... his order sounds delicious.

The NBA star was making a munchies run moments ago, hitting up a Taco Bell drive-thru near his and Khloe's Tarzana home ... and proudly displaying his wedding ring ... when he was pelted with questions about his drug addiction.

Lamar wasn't feeling talkative, but he did manage to complete his order ... laughing in the process.

It's a good sign Odom has stopped smoking crack -- at least temporarily -- because one does not typically make food runs while zonked.

As we reported, Lamar has returned home after going MIA for several days and is now listening to his wife Khloe's advice, though he's still undecided about seeking treatment for his crack cocaine problem.

Fun fact: the famous Taco Bell chihuahua died in 2009. R.I.P.


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No Avatar


He can always do an out patient rehab kind of thing if he doesn't want to go away completely.

359 days ago


"good sign he's stopped smoking crack" There is no evidence that he did in the first place, TMZ. Just shut up.

359 days ago


Who's Slick?

Little skinny in the brown shirt and shades.

"True you're an addict, Lamar?!"

What a little coward sissy slime-aholic.

359 days ago


Whewww! This why I pray daily for wisdom, peace and most important peace within. A new found respect for Lamar! Being blatantly disrespected still managing to keep your cool? All the stories about drugs for me is outta the windows, that's not how a druggie behaves even if he ain't used in a month. A druggie does not keep his cool like that man just did in the video. **** as a man if I was there I'm swinging for him and I don't even do drugs. Just simply hate seen anyone been disrespected. Only in America though, no wonder the rest of the world thing y'all are lawsuit clowns. GTFOH

359 days ago


im surprised these paps don't get punched more often, how annoying!!

359 days ago


If L.O. ran these guys down?

Backed over them?

RAN them over a second time?

Not sure ANYONE'D blame him.

This is disgraceful.

As yellow and cowardly a thing?

As I've ever seen.

359 days ago


Folks are saying Kris Jenner is calling TMZ with updates. Please say this isn't so.

359 days ago


Taunted at Taco Bell.

With one's hands ... tied behind one's back...

"You a crack addict, Lamar?"


359 days ago


Tmz crossing the line with this. Who the **** harasses someone when they're ordering food? Tmz lame as ****. Everyone should boycott this site! The guys with the cameras are the real crack smokers. A normal person does not record videos like this!

359 days ago


What you've done to this guy over the last week is outrageous. I have no doubt Kris Jenner is behind the leaks. That miserable toxic woman's show has not been picked up by Fox, and it is just like her to lash out at anybody she can hurt out when she's angry. Well she damaged Lamar but good.

Now that her talk show has failed, I can't wait till the flagship show goes down in flames so the family can go back to the obscurity they so richly deserve. The implosion in their little empire of Krass is long overdue.

359 days ago


Well TMZ, you have managed (along with Kris Jenner backing you) to ruin Lamar Odom's career. What you have done is despicable Harvey and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. What should have been a private matter has been posted all over TMZ in a minute-by-minute update of this man's life. It's bad enough you are in bed with Kris Jenner,but to do this to another human like you have is unforgivable. Just read all the comments! You have stooped lower than I have ever seen Harvey. This will backfire on this vile family. It already has. The hatred and vitriol that has been posted on every news outlet because of this woman, her dopey kids, and you will come to bite you all in the asses. And that is when we will post positive comments. It has already started with the news Kris Jenner's ridiculous Talk Show has been canceled. It's only the beginning. Remember **** runs downhill.

359 days ago


NEWS FLASH!! He wasn't smoking crack! He was smoking Oxycontin.

359 days ago


he was actually celebrating pimp momma's show being cancelled! whooohooo!

359 days ago


Wow-he doesn't seem too upset about his "destroyed career & marriage." May be a nice guy,but you really have to wonder what his I.Q level is.The Kardashians have just duped him & made a fool of him.Yet he seems totally unaware????

359 days ago


Effing ridiculous. This man is NOT a crackhead!!!! TMZ has ran this mans name through the mud on a hatched up story fed by Kris f*cking Jenner. At least he's in good spirits. Bless him. Guaranteed they told him to come home and stop passing the peen around or they would continue destroying his name. His dumb a** went back because that's the only family he has. This story was completely fabricated and despicable. Shame shame shame.

359 days ago
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