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Lamar Odom

Focusing on Tacos

... Not Crack

8/28/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
would rather order tacos than answer questions about his crack problem ... and we don't blame him ... his order sounds delicious.

The NBA star was making a munchies run moments ago, hitting up a Taco Bell drive-thru near his and Khloe's Tarzana home ... and proudly displaying his wedding ring ... when he was pelted with questions about his drug addiction.

Lamar wasn't feeling talkative, but he did manage to complete his order ... laughing in the process.

It's a good sign Odom has stopped smoking crack -- at least temporarily -- because one does not typically make food runs while zonked.

As we reported, Lamar has returned home after going MIA for several days and is now listening to his wife Khloe's advice, though he's still undecided about seeking treatment for his crack cocaine problem.

Fun fact: the famous Taco Bell chihuahua died in 2009. R.I.P.


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Okay TMZ. I've worked in the outpatient program with the Mayo Clinic up here in MN for the last four years. The last thing you want to do to someone with an addiction problem is mercilessly taunt them. Sure Lamar has had a lot of great things in his life but he has also suffered unimaginable tradegy. He lost his mother to cancer, a child to SIDS and his dad was on heroin. Give the man a freaking break and encourage his improvement not make fun of his mistakes.

387 days ago


there's zero proof odom does crack other than fame money and power whore kris jenner talking **** on him to TMZ... unfortunately he's a public figure so it's pretty much impossible for him to do anything about it.

387 days ago


Can I get a soft taco with a side of crack.....

387 days ago


Wow this is ridiculous...you have no facts to prove that he's been doing anything, just hearsay... How would you feel if you couldn't even order a taco without someone asking you questions? You don't like it when people make up rumors about you without facts, so why do you do it to someone else?? I hope California passes some laws that makes you guys go out of business....

387 days ago


Now, the K. women can go back to sniffing each others crotches and eating each others placentas,
You know, developing their

387 days ago


Can I have a crackadillia

387 days ago


Anyone whose been on a binge for that long and just getting off still ain't hungry. Lamar been in Jamaica smoking the best Martians. He got a stuffed burrito a Mexican pizza and 6 soft taco supremest. He needed all that just to be able to laugh at Kris' show and Kim and babydaddy

387 days ago


You know they have that new flavor at Starbucks. ,crackachino

387 days ago


At least he didn't order a Kardashian placenta special!! Vile family-

387 days ago


This is ridiculous. No proof of crack use. He doesn't display signs of addiction, or even use for that matter. And if the media truly believe he's trying to fight a crack problem then why are they stalking and harassing him? That is exactly what would push am addict to use. Either way these paparazzi are way out of line

387 days ago


The dog is dead and that's a fun fact?

387 days ago


Kobra Kueen Kris's talk show got canceled......and they have know since late last week......HINT : .....
Can you spell Deverzion....and Deflection and Kardashion Spinn Shyt.....
cause Momma needs a another show......

387 days ago


Someone should do a drug test on Kris Jenner. She seems to be perpetually high. (She has a past in that direction, old hubby & O.J Simpson",ask Faye Resnick."

387 days ago


WoW - I Just heard Mama Kris Show has been cancelled , and TMZ is deadly silent , unbelievable ... Now , all the smear makes sense ..

387 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Make it a Primo Taco.

387 days ago
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