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'Big Brother' Aaryn


I'm Not Racist, I'm Just Texan

8/30/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Aaryn Gries
was evicted from the "Big Brother" house Thursday night ... and on her way out, she told Julie Chen she's not really a racist, she's just a misunderstood Texan.

Seriously ... Gries -- who mocked Asians, trashed black people and referred to a gay houseguest as a "queer" during her stint on the reality competition show -- had the cojones to look Chen in the face and say, "I did not mean to ever come off as racist."

Here's her ridiculous explanation:

"In Texas, we say things. Sometimes we joke and we don't mean it. I feel how bad it is being seen and how I've come across to people. I don't want to seem like that person."

Aaryn -- who told Julie she doesn't remember ever making a racist comment in the house -- added, "I apologize to anyone I offended for that. That was not meant to be serious and if I said those things, I feel horrible for that. I regret that."

Julie -- being the badass that she is -- didn't let Aaryn off the hook and READ some of the offensive comments right to Aaryn's face as Aaryn sat there like a racist, homophobic deer in headlights.

FYI -- Aaryn still has no idea she's been dropped by her modeling agency over her behavior in the house ... because she's made it to the "jury house" and will remain sequestered from the outside world until the show ends in September.



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Seriously, spoiler alert for the west coast, Jesus, no site is safe anymore!

422 days ago


CBS handled this whole situation horribly. I was embarrassed to be a BB fan during that exit interview by Julie Chen. Yes she said some stupid stuff in the beginning but who hasn't said things that they didn't really mean or was taken out of context. It was not right to bash this girl on National TV. BB has never let the audience treat other controversial HGs like this before. I felt very awkward during that interview and I was at home alone, not on a live tv show having no clue what was about to happen. Aaryn has been living in that house for 70 days and I am pretty sure that I would not remember what exactly I said over a month ago.

422 days ago


She tried to work her sad excuse , but we know her tricks. Aaryn did you forget it was Candice fault? She made you look racist.

422 days ago


I really hope she feel the backlash of her actions & comments for years to come. There is no excuse for her hateful behavior.

422 days ago


"mocked Asians, trashed black people and referred to a gay houseguest as a "queer"

You see that every day here in the comments at TMZ. Plus more. Especially towards people from the South. It would help if some people would get a sense of humor already.

422 days ago


Wow best interview ever! The audience was laughing the whole time! But I have to say Amanda is worse she threatened to kill a bunch of the houseguests if they didn't vote her way. Tmz should write a story about that!

422 days ago


First off Julie Chen a badass?, If she weren't screwing the president of the network she'd be someplace doing reports on escaped cattle and funnel cakes.
Secondly why is it a social death sentence to make derogatory comments if you come back later to renounce them?
If being a minority or homosexual is so damned virtuous why don't you start acting like it.

422 days ago


Funny how the media has totally disregarded all the racist things Amanda has said. Makes aaryn look like an angel. Look it up

422 days ago


How is Julie Chen still on televison? Be gone woman!! She makes me want to kick in my TV set in anger and then snort a long line of Tide (TM) laundry detergent to forget her vapid stare and emotionless voice.

422 days ago


This girl deserves no pity from people. I heard BBUK got it worse where they let the audience BOO super loudly. Aaryn should be happy she got SOME cheers.

Her exit interview was oozing with bull****. She HATES Candice since week 1. She accused Candice of sitting on Aaryn's hat since Spencer lied about it. Aaryn later realized the truth but made no attempt to make amends. She said rude things about Asian people and since Helen is such a pushover and suck up, she never confronted Aaryn of her rude remarks.

422 days ago


?haven't you heard that only insecure men (those with secret gay feelings) need to hate on homosexuals?"

Haven't you heard that only gays that are ashamed of being gay project such nonsense onto other people? And, the whole world isn't gay. It's just you.

422 days ago

queen love    

Those eyebrows are looking kinda Asian to me.

422 days ago


Well, thanks from all the west coast you idiots!!!!!!

422 days ago


Well, thanks for all the west coast, you idiots!!!!

422 days ago


Totally dumb strategy on elissa's part; she shouldve put up both Amanda and McCrae. These players arent that smart.

422 days ago
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