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Kylie Jenner

My First Car Crash

8/29/2013 6:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


She's only been on the road for 18 days, but Kylie Jenner already has a 3-car chain reaction collision under her belt ... TMZ has learned.

16-year-old Kylie -- driving her brand new $125k Mercedes SUV -- was driving in Calabasas yesterday around 5pm when she slammed into the back of a Toyota, which slammed into the back of a Subaru SUV.

The Toyota suffered major damage to the back-end of the car (you can see the back bumper stuck in Kylie's front grille). The Subaru also suffered bumper damage.

We spoke to a witness who says Kylie immediately got out of her car -- apologized -- and asked if everyone was OK.  She eventually exchanged info with the other drivers and left.

Cops arrived to the scene a short time later, but Kylie was already gone.  

We're told it didn't appear anyone suffered any serious injuries ... and everyone involved in the crash acted very cordial toward each other.

Kylie turned 16 on August 10 ... and was first spotted behind the wheel of the SUV at her Sweet 16 party on August 17.

Hopefully, the Jenner family has good insurance ...

12:08 PM PT -- Kylie's car is now at the body shop!



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Who in their right mind puts a 16 yr old driver in a 125 k tank and lets her loose on the roads....Oh wait we are talking about Kardashion/Jenners here .....One word....TEXTING.... and then leaving the scene of the it might not count as much in LA but around here she would have "some splaing" to do to the cops......
But don't worry Kobra Kris Kueen of the K Klan will pay it off and make it go away......

387 days ago


Those of you defending Kylie probably don't know much about traffic accidents. Yes you do exchange information at an accident, but when it's as severe looking as this accident you don't just leave! If the police were called someone felt that the accident was serious enough that a police report likely needed to be filed or one of the cars involved was likely too damaged to be drivable. Also if they did start complaining about whiplash and whatnot I wouldn't blame them. It's clear from those images that she made probably almost no attempt to stop it slow down. Kylie is obviously very oblivious to what a normal person would do in this case because the last think I would ever do, personally, is leave. She's still under aged so she should have used her brain and called an adult, like her father, and ask him what to do.

387 days ago


no doubt kris and her husband have good insurance for after all looks like they also taught the youngest member of the brood to take responsibility for any accident she may cause driving till she fully learns. for kyle did not waste time exchanging insurance info after the accident . instead of winding up in trouble and headline says kyle hits car tries to flee scene.

387 days ago


Garauntee the lil dumb sh!t was texting

387 days ago


How soon until we hear "she was fleeing the paps who had been stalking and following her, she felt her life was in jeopardy. though she's "truly sorry" it's really not her fault".
Of course HARVEY will RUN that "story" and will as usual claim it wasn't a TMZ Pap.
If the drivers of the other cars get decent lawyers, those lawyers can get her phone records to see if she was texting or talking......this COULD become VERY costly for the Pimp.

387 days ago


I BET YOUR MOMMA IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD! Hasn't even had a drivers license for a year and already is the cause of an accident! I see Kris & bruce made the right choice in buying her a $100K car! HOPE YOUR INSURANCE IS CANCELLED UNTIL YOUR ARE 18

387 days ago


The title..of this K spin is "Her first car accident" is some little thing you should giggle over and think its cute cause she a teen and girls do that all the time......Right ? .....Wrong ! ...16 days behind the wheel and already a major accident with three cars involed is not something to giggle over....and then leaving before the cops got there... If the cops are called you Have to wait for them no matter WHO you are and NO matter if infromation was have to wait....but we are talking the rich and idiots of LA now they are above the law....This is not a giggle this is a shame.... This is the Kardashions/Jenners thumbing their noses at the law again.....

387 days ago


Watch Mommager K buy those people off to not sue them for damages and what not.when you get into an accident,take evidence pictures of the damages.

387 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

lol... Did she text her first car collision on Twitter?... Because it will probably pay for her collision.

387 days ago


Kardashians = ****roaches.

387 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

As they say in Spanish... Pendeja

387 days ago


wonder if she left so quick (after exchanging info with other drives) because she might have been TEXTING when she randomly slammed into the back of a the cops couldn't check her cell phone for a recent text??/

just sayin'!!!!

387 days ago


maybe kylie can drive a used honda civic like most 16 years get who are determined t drive to so young.

who the hell paid for the suv to give her for birthday.. this family has that kind of loot to give a 16 year old for this to happen two weeks later.


387 days ago


Did she take a picture of the damage to put on Twitter/FB/Instagram? Surely she did with a LOL caption. Another skank in the making. Get off the road until you learn how to drive, you moron.

387 days ago


Why is Kylie not being charged with leaving the scene of an accident?

387 days ago
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