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Dave Chappelle


Tells Off Crowd After Hecklers Interrupt

8/30/2013 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dave Chappelle went off on an angry crowd in Connecticut last night -- refusing to perform his material and telling the the audience to BOO THEMSELVES after he was heckled during the show.

Chappelle had only been on stage for a few minutes when he started to become irritated with some loudmouthed people in the crowd. As an act of defiance, Chappelle reportedly sat on his stool and with his mouth shut for several minutes.

Eventually, Chappelle grabbed the mic and told the crowd: "I f**ked up when I left my show, you know why? 'Cause my show only has to be 22 minutes of television. I could've went on television, I could've read the phone book for 22 minutes and I would've got $50 million dollars."

"I shoulda done that sh*t but my ego wouldn't let me. Tonight is different. Tonight my contract says 25 minutes and I have 3 minutes left. and when my 3 minutes is up, my ass is gone." 

When people started to boo the comic, Chappelle responded, "You're booing yourself."

After the show, dozens of pissed off fans demanded a refund.  

People seem to be divided over Chappelle's reaction -- with comics like Patton Oswalt blaming the crowd: "Dear Dave Chappelle's fans: He's one of the best comedians working, & you're not letting him do what he loves. Stop being a**holes."


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Terry Hickman    

The same thing happened in Knoxville in June of this year. At the time, I thought it was the audience members fault, but maybe Chappelle is the problem. What is causing audiences in different cities heckle a comedian that they paid money to see?

385 days ago


Saw him last week in Austin and he was hilarious. 1 heckler but when security tried to remove him, Dave said "no it's ok. Let him stay. I need that energy." I applaud Dave for standing his ground in CT!

385 days ago


Dave rocks! Why are they behaving like children? !!

385 days ago


"On behalf of comedy fans the world over and for the sake of stand-up comedy in general… please, please


In fact, don’t say anything during the show. Sit in your seats. And then STFU and listen to his jokes! He’s been trying to get back on stage for the past few years, but every time he does, self absorbed jackasses ruin it for everyone!

So put your stupid phones away, stop recording the show, stop yelling things and just sit back and enjoy the show!

And if someone does manage to get in the door who thinks they will ‘help out’ the performance by hollering ‘WHHHHHAAAT?????!?? OKAYYYYYY!!!!’ in the middle of his well thought out routine, please kindly do the world a favour and stuff gym socks in their mouth, strap ducktape over it and take them into the mens washroom where you can kindly explain that stand-up comedy is not a Metallica concert and it doesn’t work when frat boy idiots keep screaming **** at the stage."

385 days ago


Why is he in "hot water"? All because of bunch of bro and brah losers?

Chappelle gave those losers what they deserved. The organizers of the festival and fellow comedians who performed there seem to agree as well.

385 days ago


He did the exact same thing in Knoxville TN recently.

385 days ago


He is either drugged up or just mental.

385 days ago


I saw him perform for nearly three hours not too long ago. Thanks in part to very little heckling and people around them telling those losers to shut up.

385 days ago


If you paid to see him why heckle him? I would have been annoyed too if I was trying to entertain and do my job for the good people who showed up and some dumb asses kept yelling stupid stuff. Give a refund and move on....

385 days ago


ppl always gonna have smethin to say so y get mad.....should b used to it by now the **** up dave

385 days ago

Cortney White    

Hey they talked during his whole set, it didnt seem like he through a tantrum to me he even read an excerpt from a audience members book. I bet she had a good time. If you pay "good" money to see a show shut your mouth and watch it let the man work. He doesn't need you screaming old jokes and lines from his tv show at him. This was nowhere near as bad as the headline put it

385 days ago


Bitches, say hey to Dave.. Hey Dave.. Hey Bitches..

385 days ago

a short haired girl    

You don't ****ing talk at comedy shows. Period. Calling this **** a meltdown is really just sensationalizing the story. Go to any comedy club and try to talk during the comedians set, see what happens.

385 days ago


He is never funny, always sucks....but he feels that he has a certain sense of entitlement, entitled to a big pay cheque, even if he sucks, entitled to treat the audience like crap, even if he sucks. He also seems to have that ever popular celebritygodcomplex that is running amok in the entertainment world.

385 days ago


Patton Oswalt... Dave did this to himself. Cry me a river, hecklers and hecklers and u gotta be able to handle it, he cant. Defend him all u want but what he did was unprofessional and whether he cares or not it will cost him.

385 days ago
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