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Lamar Odom

Busted for DUI

8/30/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:07 AM PT --
TMZ has just obtained a photo of Lamar's Mercedes SUV inside the tow yard, where his car was taken after the DUI arrest.


10:05 AM PT --
According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept., Odom was released from custody at 8:33 AM.  However, it's unclear if Odom has actually left the station yet.

9:17 AM PT -- 
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers at the scene smelled alcohol on Lamar and believe he was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.  The sources say Lamar's driving and conduct were consistent with drugs.   We're told there were no drugs or alcohol found in Lamar's car ... only cigarettes, 2 bottles of cologne and other innocuous items.

Lamar Odom
was arrested for "driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs" early Friday morning ... TMZ has learned.

The bust occurred in the San Fernando Valley at 3:54 AM.  Lamar -- who was driving a white Mercedes SUV -- was popped by the California Highway Patrol and taken to a nearby station, where he was booked and is being held on $15,000 bail.

He was pulled over on the 101 Freeway for going too slow -- 50 MPH.  Cops say Odom had been driving in a "serpentine manner."

Lamar initially did not respond to cops, and drove 3 exits before finally coming to a stop.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ he showed obvious signs of intoxication. 

Lamar failed numerous field sobriety tests. 

When Lamar was booked, we're told he refused all chemical tests.

Lamar's booking sheet shows he is 6'10" and 235 lbs.

Lamar has been tooling around town lately ... this after TMZ broke the story he had been on a crack binge.



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Good that Khloe is sticking by her husband, but you can only do so much. If he doesn't want to change, he will end up in jail or dead.

398 days ago


Kris Jenner runs this family like the Church of Scientology... Once you are a member, you must do what they say. Make money for the cult/family, obey orders and don't you dare try to quit... Feel the wrath yet Lamar?

398 days ago


Looks like Lamar didn't buckle under enough or kiss Pimp Mamma Kobra's ass good enough....SO she turning the screws a little tighter....
It's a wonder he hasn't driving off that cliff they have him back upon.....but if he did.....Wow ! the Kobra Kueen and her Kydesdake Khloe could right that pony for a year or more......

398 days ago


Shame on him! Wtf is his problem??? WE all know he is human, and has all the love, support and resources to make a change for the better. I feel the most for his wife, Khloe... how GD embarrassing this must be for her.... Odam... you are too damn old to be playing a the weak bitch card, straighten up! You have too much to lose, including a beautiful life! :/

398 days ago


Lamar, put the brakes in this while you still can. If it continues, you will destroy your career and reputation. If you continue, more will become public and more damage will be done.

398 days ago


I pray he seeks help before its to late!!! Praying for him &his family.

398 days ago


Khloe is pretty stupid. Lamar was on crack for 2 years and she knew about it, but still wanted to have a baby with him. Did she want the baby to be born addicted to crack. What an idiot!!!!

398 days ago


i knew he's been driving around drunk and high. the Kardashians are doing a terrible job handling this. they need to make sure he doesn't drive this way because his life really will be over when he peels a dead body off the fender of his car.

398 days ago


Oh c'mon people just stop absolving this guy of blame just because he is married to a Kardashian. He knew they were idiots when he married into the family but he did it anyway. It's likely he was already a drug freak when he met Khloe, which would explain why he married her. His choices, his fault. I imagine it's all the same people that said TMZ and the Kardashians were lying about his drug issues that now are saying he's a drug freak because of the Kardashians. He's a drug freak because he's a spolied self indulgent goof, just like every other dope fiend.

398 days ago


If "they" have the power to keep KIM out of the news, then "they" have the power to keep LAMAR out of the news! Who is behind this & why? Still no statements from Lamar or the mother of his children.Leave the guy alone~

398 days ago


The family that DUI's together...stays together..until they make a joint statement of "we love each other, support each other, but cannot stay married. please respect our privacy...even though we had 2 tv shows in the past year...."

398 days ago


You people make me sick. So fast to judge. You have no idea of his personal life. And you make me lol with your comments of it being the Kardashians fault. Maybe if he knew people wished him well instead of putting him down hed have a better chance. He has nothing to prove to any of you! None of them do. I wish him and ALL of his family the best. I hope he is able to move past this and get any help and suport he needs.

398 days ago


The Kardashian/Jenner curse continues. Get within a thousand miles of those whores and it's down you go. Take this meance off the street and lock him up where he belongs. We all know that won't happen because mommy Kris will just write a check. The world will be so much better off when the last of them is gone.

398 days ago


No surprie here. I thought he would have been caught awile ago to tell u the truth. Maybe he'll wake up now.

398 days ago


Let's wait and see how Kris Jenner will spin this one. It will probably be it wasn't Lamar, that's not his vehicle that was impounded, etc., etc., etc.

398 days ago
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