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Lamar Odom

Car Crash

Days Before DUI Arrest

8/30/2013 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0830_lamar_odom_tmzLamar Odom allegedly pulled a Kylie Jenner just 6 days before his DUI arrest -- rear-ending another car and causing a chain-reaction collision on an L.A. freeway.

The 3-car accident occurred at around 6 PM on the 101 Freeway -- the same freeway on which Lamar was popped for DUI on Friday morning.

So how did the media find out about the story? Turns out ... the person Lamar hit is a reporter for the L.A. Times. It's unclear why the Times waited so long to publish the story.

According to the reporter, Lamar's white Mercedes slammed into the back of his ride near the Gower Street exit.

After the collision, the reporter says he tried to swap insurance info with Odom ... but the NBA star was resistant ... and insisted the damage "doesn't even look that bad."

Eventually, the reporter says he obtained Odom's insurance info ... but when he tried to give the insurance card back to Lamar, he bizarrely resisted at first ... before realizing he needed to have his insurance card to drive.

The reporter says the accident was not reported to the cops.


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No Avatar


What is going on? Why is TMZ trying to destroy Lamar? This is so wrong. Harvey Levin should be ashamed of this site and what it has become. Time to find a new place to get the entertainment news.

387 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Is why crack heads hang in crack houses and not cars.

387 days ago


TMZ actually reads our comments? They fixed the date. Hahaha

387 days ago


My gawd! What is this crucifixion of Lamar Odom!
And he doesn't appear to care. Is he just going along with this or is it a big publicity stunt? Anyway,it is getting old & boring.Somebody expose Kris Jenner for what she is.The Kardashian/Jenners just become uglier & uglier.

387 days ago


strange no one "leaked" close-up pix of the damage that ****-waffle Kylie did to her car or the others....yet Kris makes SURE pix of Lamar's wrecked car get on TMZ.
Where is NORF?

387 days ago


I like how Kim remains in HIDING. Ever notice that when the Shyt is hittin' the fan about the "klan", Kim is NOWHERE to be found.

387 days ago


Really he hit an LA Times reporter?? Wow Harvey and kardashians and ZkA Times.. You all are the biggest Effin liars walking this planet

387 days ago

Los Pepes    

This repugnant pos fits right in with the Kartrashians

387 days ago


So why does the dude's white car have damage to the front and high up? He hit the guy in front of him because Lamar hit him from behind? And isn't he, the reporter, responsible for hitting the car in front of him if that is the case?

387 days ago


I heard lamar got caught snorting Khloe's Quick Trim diet pills and that's why she threw him out..

387 days ago


Is that a white chick driving his car?

387 days ago


Ummm..does anyone notice that its a blond white woman behind the wheel and not lamar?

387 days ago


D@YUMMMM!!! This guy's life spirals outta control more and more by the hour. PMK is twerkin OVERTIME!

387 days ago


Pure out and out assassination by media by Kris and Khloe Kardashion on this man....they or out to utterly destroy him, his life and career ....I don't care if he has a drug problem I do care that they are deliberately using his every misstep and programs and are twisting them to their own nasty agenda......this is not trying to help the man only helping him jump off the cliff by giving him a hard push.........I don't even want to hear another word about this evil assed family.....they are truly evil.....right their in the bottom of the cesspool of life with the Lohans.......

387 days ago


Just get a PI to find out who his dealer is. he must live close to that area. when Lamar is cut off he well go into withdrwal, and take greater risk to score and that well get him busted for real. If he shows up someplace in withdrawl and sick you could try getting a 51/50 hold on him.
Have lo- jack put on all his cars and find out where he is going and catch him in the act of buying his drugs. Once one dealer gets busted it well be harder for him to score the dope. you can put spy wear on his phone too. Its not hard to out smart an addict. Have a friend of a friend tell him they got some dope and he well rush right over!
Lamar doesn't even realize he is in the press world wide so any where he goes he's gonna be seen.
He's in a haze.,. be easy to catch him in the act and cutt off his source.He can go to a treatment place that can put him under while he goes threw withdrawl. He wants help he just doesn't want to be dope sick, trick him them get him into a hospital.

387 days ago
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