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Sean Kingston

Sued For Alleged Gang Rape

8/30/2013 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Kingston
and his bodyguard gang raped a drunk teenager in the singer's hotel room back in 2010, according to a new lawsuit -- but Sean says it's B.S.

Carissa Capeloto -- now 22 -- claims she was forced to have sex with Sean, his bodyguard and a member of Sean's band at a Seattle hotel in July, 2010, after she had smoked pot and downed 7-10 shots of vodka.

Capeloto -- who has sued all 3 men -- alleges she'd been invited to Kingston's hotel room for a meet-and-greet following a Bieber concert -- where Kingston had also performed -- but when she showed up ... Kingston was waiting naked on his bed.

Capeloto claims the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston, and all three of the men proceeded to gang rape her while she was "obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent."

Capeloto says her friend later entered the room and rescued her. The police were called and Capeloto was taken to the hospital where she says she was treated for physical injuries consistent with rape.

She says her life has been ruined ... she can barely sleep, has mood swings and panic attacks.  Capeloto wants $5 mil minimum. 

BTW ... criminal charges against Kingston were dropped in 2010 after cops concluded Capeloto wasn't credible enough for a legit case.

Kingston has filed legal docs insisting the sex was 100% consensual.

Trial is set for November.



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I'm amazed by all these comments, what if it really was a rape...even if she went to the hotel room, it does not give anyone the right to force someone to have sex...I think these morons deserve all this drama, why have sex with a heavily intoxicated stranger in the first place...that'll show them. Keep it in your pants next time or call a hooker if you are that desperate.

381 days ago


How else is Sean going to get a woman WITHOUT raping them?

381 days ago


It's Funny how some of you Racist whites avoid all the negative stories about any white person , but as soon as you spot a negative story about any black person - oh , it's 5000 comments

381 days ago


I believe her!!! Look at this dude, he put Molly in her drink took her back to the hotel and uneno

381 days ago


Lovin the crew

381 days ago

Elena A.    

It's really sad to see how much hatred america has for rape victims just because they were drunk. And that's why a lot of women don't report rape. Because the guy will always win in one way or another.

381 days ago


I don't know why being drunk and incapacitated is an acceptable excuse for certain things not others. When a person is inebriated behind the wheel of a car and accidentally kills someone, no one says "well this person was so intoxicated that we are not going to hold them accountable for their actions." So why is that us women push ourselves beyond our limits when it comes to drinking and all of sudden, we have been taken advantage of. I drink on occasion and have a very low tolerance for alcohol, so 2 shots of Vodka is enough for me to say I've reached my limit. Every time I was highly inebriated, I was fully aware of what was going on around me. Don't get me wrong, in no way am I legitimizing rape in any way. If she was raped, then every one involved needs to be held accountable for what was done to her. But when are we going to stop allowing men control over us, especially when we are in a position to avoid the situation in the first place. When I am intoxicated, I never surround myself around a bunch of strange-and most likely intoxicated- rowdy men.

381 days ago

Vegas mommy    

Why did it take 3 years to be announced?

381 days ago


She wants 5 million dollars MINIMUM. Yeah good one. If you want justice lock him up don't get money from him

381 days ago


Why did it take three years? I think this is why the accuser usually looks suspicious.

381 days ago


When she showed up he was naked on the bed, but she still sticks around to get high and take sshots???

381 days ago

The Zombie    

Who the hell is this idiot?

381 days ago


Yo yo, mic check. This dude is ugly as ****

381 days ago


Tmz is not reporting that good ol Sean and his buddies put drugs in the girls drinks. This did happen. I know one of the girls. THey did not deserve this.

381 days ago


Soooooo, she was 'raped' in 2010 and just now remembered? Or did he just come in to some money? Or maybe she just got a talking to from an attorney? I can't stand this guy and his ilk, but these women who willingly want a 'piece' of these guys, get drunk, do whatever, and then feel "used" or whatever and sue, just Kill me!!! How does it take THIS long to bring rape charges. Oh! That's right, she tried that already and wasn't credible, ok, so let's just try suing then, maybe I can get a settlement. I'm sure he DESERVES to be hit with charges, but SHE is just as whack!!!

381 days ago
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