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'Big Rich Texas' Star

to Aaryn Gries

Texans Are NOT Racist

8/31/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"Big Brother" star Aaryn Gries embarrassed the entire Lone Star state last night when she blamed her racist remarks from the show on growing up in Texas ... this according to "Big Rich Texas" star Bon Blossman.

In case you missed ... Aaryn was evicted from the "Big Brother" house Thursday night ... and told Julie Chen she's NOT a bigot, despite mocking Asians, putting down black people and calling a gay housemate "queer" during her stint inside the BB house.

Aaryn explained, "In Texas, we say things. Sometimes we joke and we don't mean it."

But according to Bon, Aaryn is talking out of her nicely-toned racist ass -- telling TMZ, "This is NOT how we were raised in Texas."

"I watched 'Big Brother' this season, and was embarrassed that [Aaryn] brought such negative attention to one of the most friendly, welcoming states in the United States."

She added ... "Aaryn's comments were an outrage," and ... "This type of behavior is not tolerated by anybody that I know ... and I was born and raised in Texas." 

Bon thinks what Aaryn really needs is some tough love, saying ... "We can't ignore behavior like that or she won't learn."

Since Aaryn made it to the "Big Brother" jury house, she's still sequestered from the outside world and doesn't know how big of a villain she's become. But it seems she's in for a rude awakening. 



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Knock Biebers Face In. lil Puke    

Cause that piece of trash show she is on makes Texas look so spectacular.. Go get another face lift, actually just go ahead and get e new face you old whore.

357 days ago


Why isn't the media covering all the stuff Amanda has said? She makes aaryn look like an angel

357 days ago


I hate Texas.

357 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

I want to murder her racist vajay jay

357 days ago


No matter how you spin it, to get into the face of an African-American peer and spout stereotypical ghetto-speak ("Whatcha goan doo, Gurrrl?") is especially egregious when this young bi-racial woman was raised to speak Standard American English, is the very definition of hatefulness. Her message: how dare you not stay in your place. Aaron needs to do some deep soul-searching before trying to play this off. This is not a matter of anyone being overly sensitive. It's classic race-baiting and there's no place for it in an enlightened society. Aaron has a chance to own it, and then articulate why it's wrong. She could make things better.

357 days ago


How can that nobody speak for an entire state?

357 days ago


That's why we need to build a huge 18 foot wall: ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE TEXAS BORDER!!!!

357 days ago


I agree with her. I have relatives in Texas and whenever I am in Texas, the people in the community extend sincere southern hospitality and are the extremely kind to EVERYONE! Aaryn is a racist and a bigot!

357 days ago


Aaryn Gries is an ignorant slut.

357 days ago


Aaryn Gries is a dumb whore.

357 days ago

Baby pink    

It won't b a "rude awakening" for *Aaryn*.she'll feel like she's established some sick sort of her own "clain to fame" even though the real deal is that she's "in denial" living in her own twisted head. I'm from TEXAS and this is NOT how we roll!!

357 days ago

Retail Queen    

I live in Dallas and she is lying. Woman up and admit to it! RASCIST

357 days ago


everyone is racist.just most keep it behind closed doors then blast it out in the open.

357 days ago


lol its funny gina marie actually said the n word and racist stuff as well.but the fans love her because she is buddy buddy with elissa the fan fave.

357 days ago

tmz addict    

not appropriate things to say on camera and even less appropriate things to say on a national tv show

357 days ago
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