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Justin Bieber

Attacked at Nightclub

9/1/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was bum rushed in a Canadian nightclub by an over eager partier who tried in vain to tackle him -- and TMZ has the pics.

It all went down at 3 am today at a Toronto nightclub. Sources on scene tell us JB left his safe VIP section to mingle with the regular folk -- and that's when a male clubgoer charged at him, got hold of his shirt (which he was wearing) and attempted to take him down, but failed.

Which makes sense ... have you seen Bieber's abs? Of course you have.

In the pics ... you can see security rushed in stat (below) and managed to pull the guy off Bieber -- successfully taking him to the ground. In the midst of the chaos we're told JB was seen trying to defend himself, unleashing a fury of kicks.  

The attacker was escorted out of the club. Police were never called.

JB and his crew also made a hasty retreat.


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Such a wanna b thug lol wants to be in the ranks tupac and biggie NOT just a bubble gum singer

420 days ago


Bieb's pretend fights where he acts tough while pretending to be held back by a bodyguard remind me of Scrappy Doo . "Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em! I'll splat 'em! I'll rock 'em and sock 'em!"

420 days ago


Only in Canada could there be a bar fight and no calls the cops! We don't lock our doors either!

420 days ago


Justin is a nice guy, but he just is having fun he is 19, he reminds of my guy friends, and my older bro who is 21. Anyone who hates on Justin is usually jealous or just following the hate trend. All the "haters" have no legit reason to hate on Justin who cares if he pissed in a mop bucket or smoked its his life not yours. Y'all don't care, u just are trying to find a reason to hate. Wishing he'd get his ass kicked or killed is sick and millions would commit suicide if he did. Justin never said he could fight once that man was 6xs bigger then him. Pick on someone your own size applies here. Justin has to have body guards there's no choice, he is to famous to go any where alone. Like the paparazzi that shoved and harassed Justin had his house surrounded by Beliebers and had to call the cops because he was scared. Nobody messes with Justin and gets away with it.

420 days ago


The little girl should be in bed. Why was she out looking for trouble so late at night?

420 days ago


What has gotten in to this women? She has been acting up a lot lately. It is possible that she was on her period and just got mouthy. Or she could have been pms ing. These acts are not very lady like and , she better watch it or she is going to blow her chances of getting on the cover of Vogue magazine as she blossoms into a real woman.

420 days ago


What was he doing in a night club, I thought he was under age. And his so call security should all be fired..

420 days ago


Bieber or no bieber! If a guy came charging at me you know my ass will start kicking like I'm crazy!

420 days ago


I think Justin has small penis syndrome.

420 days ago


Too bad it wasnt a hockey player woulda slapped the taste out of his mouth instead of pulling on his bra

420 days ago


Wait so you're telling me he's supposed to just stand there, let his 40 thousand dollar chain get RIPPED out of his damn neck, and let some random ass drunk guy attack him and not do anything/defend himself? Ok got it.

420 days ago


Ohhh man, I wonder if the attacker is ok.

420 days ago


Lol! The expressions in these pictures are priceless! Lol! Justin with his face of fright, or that ever popular one he often uses, the "hold me back" pose, or how I see it, the " help me back" pose! GTFOOH yah punk! Little boy, go home and chill. Yah looking yah destruction in big man town.

420 days ago


IT'S ONE THIRTY AM IN TORONTO, WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU TMZ? I hate the bastard, glad he got got, but please, get your times right.

420 days ago


Ha ha love it. Little hard man who spits at people and pisses in buckets. If only he wud have got KOd. Little scrotum

420 days ago
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