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Lamar Odom

Calls Party Buddy

'Groupie, Junkie, Crack Head'

8/31/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom went after his drug enabler with a vengeance, calling the woman a "groupie junkie" and "crack head" ... and he did it while Khole Kardashian was breathing down his neck.

TMZ has seen text messages between Lamar and Polina Polonsky, an attorney who Lamar stayed with during the last few months ... partying with him while he was doing crack.

We've learned on July 13, Khloe confronted Lamar at a downtown L.A. motel, where he was holed up with the woman and doing drugs.  In an effort to save her husband, Khloe practically manhandled him out of the room and back to their home.

Once home ... Lamar started texting Polina right in front of Khloe, telling Polina he had "f**ked up."  Polina responded by saying, "You're corny."  Lamar -- standing next to his furious wife -- then fired his salvo, texting Polina, "Groupie junkie ... crack head." 
Lamar went on, "U might want to b careful.  Narcs know.  They have footage, audio n pics."

Polina responded, "Stay in your lane."  He fired back, "4real  Know where u work  U live  Ur parents."

Although Khloe was aware for 2 years that Lamar was addicted to drugs ... our sources say Khloe became convinced on the day the texts were sent that crack was Lamar's overriding problem.

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No Avatar


Yes, let's blame it all on his fellow drug addicted friend. Khloe is or course an innocent wife.. And the K's once again have a story plot for their next season... We are a bunch of fools...

381 days ago


Nice jewish gal......

381 days ago


There's a place in Calabassas called The Kardashian Plantation where black men go to work and then when are no longer of uses they are basically hung out to dry.. Sad analogy .. But tru

381 days ago


A crackhead sidepiece attorney. Wow?

381 days ago


HEY conspiracy theroy enthusiasts ! MAYBE this chick is really KRIS is disguise ! Right !? I mean its her fault Lamar smokes crack according too ya'll ! Lets take this Kris rules the ball and roll it even further shall we ! This is her in disguise..no actually Lamar isn't even a real person KRIS IS LAMAR right ? all to make Khloe look like someone wants her ! OMG wait... she's Khloe too ! she's ALL OF THEM YEAH YEAH.. there are no Kardashians !! They are ALL KRIS ! Kris is at fault for everything any of them do wrong because they are all HER ! Wow I see now.. thanks TMZ commenters your all soo smart for showing us how Kris is to blame

381 days ago


And Lamar was smoking crack and screwing her all the while. What does that make him? A cheating, druggie groupie fawker, HUSBAND.

381 days ago

umm ok    

hhhhhmmmmmmmm he calls her all those names but yet he's still tapping it. wow

381 days ago


Ya and we know how HONEST all husbands are when they are texting to their 'girl' in front of their furious wives!

381 days ago


When a man child has been caught being naughty, to take the heat off of themselves, it is always easier to point fingers and call names at others than it is to point fingers and call yourself names to yourself. If you're not a grown up who can take accountability for your choices or actions, you do not need to drag another person into your life and marry them. Very simple. Piss poor husband.

381 days ago


well it one to know one.
ok in about a month we will here khloe wats this crack head cheating usbands baby so she can secure 18 years of payments. surely khloe cant move on with her 11 million net worth, then go ahead and a have crack baby from a crack head cheater husband and secure those pimp child support checks.

381 days ago


Thats the crack head calling the crack head black.

381 days ago



Well, I see Lamar is upgrading........

381 days ago


Shes just been living with an addict for 2 years doing nothing about it...letting him have sex with druggie groupies and doing crack

381 days ago


That lawyer is a lot better looking than the fat faced Kardashian. But all those people are trash.

381 days ago


The K.s are using LAMAR ODOM'S name & fame, to bring attention to Khloe,because nobody is interested in, the untalented Khloe.
KIM K ,who has successfully entrapped Kanye, has gone into retirement. So they are trying anything, to keep their fugly mugs in the news.

381 days ago
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