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Lamar Odom

Calls Party Buddy

'Groupie, Junkie, Crack Head'

8/31/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom went after his drug enabler with a vengeance, calling the woman a "groupie junkie" and "crack head" ... and he did it while Khole Kardashian was breathing down his neck.

TMZ has seen text messages between Lamar and Polina Polonsky, an attorney who Lamar stayed with during the last few months ... partying with him while he was doing crack.

We've learned on July 13, Khloe confronted Lamar at a downtown L.A. motel, where he was holed up with the woman and doing drugs.  In an effort to save her husband, Khloe practically manhandled him out of the room and back to their home.

Once home ... Lamar started texting Polina right in front of Khloe, telling Polina he had "f**ked up."  Polina responded by saying, "You're corny."  Lamar -- standing next to his furious wife -- then fired his salvo, texting Polina, "Groupie junkie ... crack head." 
Lamar went on, "U might want to b careful.  Narcs know.  They have footage, audio n pics."

Polina responded, "Stay in your lane."  He fired back, "4real  Know where u work  U live  Ur parents."

Although Khloe was aware for 2 years that Lamar was addicted to drugs ... our sources say Khloe became convinced on the day the texts were sent that crack was Lamar's overriding problem.

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No Avatar


Just love how they are keeping this all private. So pathetic.

418 days ago

John T.    

Who would marry big foot, besides being big nosed ugly and tied to mommy's apron strings she has the personality of a dead dog. She is desperate to keep him , no one else will ever want to be with her. This family destroys all the men. She will play hell ever getting another guy to say I do when they see what this family does and sees her without that 5 pounds of makeup she wears to try and look good. Lamar , run like hell.

418 days ago


Who cares! CANCEL THE KARDASHIANS~ bunch of dumb, phony people, grifting the public.

418 days ago


You know you're a crackead if... You call other people you do drugs with creackheads You are so paranoid you actually think there are narcs following you and photos of you doing crack You are married to a Kardashian and think that is somehow to be considered normal You make millions of dollars but spend most of your time in motel rooms with a woman you are not married to Your former teamate Kobe Bryant won't even return your desperate texts at 2 in the morning TMZ has hundreds of photographers just waiting for you to do something stupid, and you immediately proceed to do something stupid Your last name is an anagram for the word "DOOM" Even Lindsay Lohan thinks you might have a drug problem

418 days ago


You must realize that Chloe was the one sending those texts don't you? She obviously took his phone and was sending the "other woman" nasty messages. You call yourselves investigative reporters. lol

418 days ago


How has Lamar Odom managed to make Kanye look like the in-control, stable smart one? Did I hit my head on a sidewalk sign and wake up next to Amanda? The world has gone mad.

418 days ago


There isn't a chance in hell that Lamar sent those texts. I would bet my life that Chloe snatched his phone and sent those nasty messages. No man "talks" like that.
Those texts have female written all over them

418 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

If I were married to her, I'd hid in a hotel with drugs and a better looking woman too!

418 days ago


Who is alerting you guys about this non breaking news.

418 days ago


I don't care for the Kardashian's, but Khloe really needs to leave this guy and move on.

418 days ago


Khloe is too busy filiming that awful show and she should have been tending to her husband.

418 days ago


Odom is a crack head to just saying

418 days ago


TMZ only site that keeping reporting "crack" others are saying Oxycontin which can happens to people who use that for pain. Hope he gets the help he needs and RESENT TMZ trying desperately to ruin this man probably at the direction of Kris Jenner.

418 days ago


Khloe is much better looking than the crackhead GF. Also, she will likely get the review now of whatever legal review panel is for the State of CA - maybe disbarred. Crack, drugs, ruins lives and careers. Lamar is and has been a crackhead and drug user - no money or basketball talent will hide it for long. His NBA career is fininshed too - the Clippers signed Jamison to replace him. Drugs...they aren't worth it, kids!

418 days ago


She's also far better looking than that fatass kartrashian pig.

418 days ago
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