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Kanye West

Paid Millions to Perform

In Borat Land

9/1/2013 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_kanye_Kazakhstan_gettyKanye West raked in MILLIONS of dollars this weekend to play a gig in ... wait for it ... waaaaait for it ... KAZAKHSTAN!!! Very nice.

Our Central Asian sources tell us ... Kanye was invited by President Nursultan Nazarbayev to perform at his grandson's wedding Saturday night in Almaty at the Hotel Royal Tulip. Very nice.

We're told Kanye was paid a hefty sum -- in the neighborhood of $3 mil -- to perform his big hits, including "Can't Tell Me Nothing". One of the wedding guests posted this video of KW on stage.

FYI -- Kazakhstan's prez is reportedly worth billions, and is considered by some to be an ardent dictator who rigs elections. In 2011, Sting backed out of a paid gig for Nazarbayev due to alleged mistreatment of oil workers in the country. Not so nice.

OTHER FACTS ABOUT KAZAKHSTAN: Sacha Baron Cohen did NOT invent it for "Borat." It was once part of the Soviet Union. Its currency is a Tenge. Oil and livestock are a pretty big deal.


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He sold out his Ugly kid and Kris still couldn't manage to keep her crappy tv show. You better get all the money you can Kardashians bc your empire is ending and the way you waste money I wouldn't be surprised to read a bankruptcy story on tmz in a year

382 days ago


He is just paid talent (which sucks) JMO
He may have more money than you or I . But he is only paid 2 entertain ppl (us) . He is joke & thinks he is better than everyone lol Well he is not & still has 2 work 4 his $ & there will always someone with more money than him who cld hire him @ any given whim . lol You stink Kayne & are definitely not worth what these ppl paid 4 you . SMH !!

382 days ago


KW really sucks who for one would want to hear him try to sing? I can believe he would play for that creep cause all he cares about is money and nothing else

382 days ago


Well, Kanye Kardashian has got to contribute to the family circus or he'll be out on his ass. He's just so ugly in so many ways, he fits right in with trash bags and dictators. Too bad he didn't go after that wedding guest that dared to take his picture. Bet he was kissing asses in all directions that night.

382 days ago


Whoa, that's a grip. Bankk,bank,bank

382 days ago

johnny chingas17    

Kanye is a musical genius forget what anyone else says he does music and if they paid him to do what his job is to do then yall some haters..i bet he produced your favorite song

382 days ago


You all I'm reading all these and really funny to see your comments about Kazakhstan. First, it's not Borat land. How the people can write such things about whole country. Where did the producer of the movie get that name and why he has chosen exactly Kazakhstan???!!! Has he ever been in Kazakhstan? There is no name like Borat! where producer he get that! all that film is fake about the country. It means that he just got one of the central Asia countries and just to make fun of that (st**d)! The people are intelligent and hospitable in Kazakhstan! Did you guys read wikipedia or any other channels about the country before calling it Borat land. Don't think so!!! The movie was filmed totally in another country, the people were talking in other language each is not similar to Kazakh language at all!. The president is not a dictator - you are really wrong about him. He is one of the famous politicians in the world. You know only to put a s*** on smn & sitting in front of the computer 24 hours, that's it!

382 days ago



382 days ago


Oh look!! Kanye IS becoming a Kartrashian!!! Pimp Mama Kris is probably so proud!!

382 days ago


Oh please please please keep him there. I'm sure your little island can use another god wanna be. We dont want kenny back and will even throw in kimmy kow to seal the deal..but they can never leave there ever......

382 days ago


One no talent dictator preforming for another dictator. If he cared at all about anyone but himself, he might ask how and where the $$$ came from....but that involve intelligent, thought prevoking questions.

382 days ago


Can he speak English? Or maybe keep his big mouth off the mic so you can understand what the hell he is saying?

382 days ago


To play devils advocate, you gotta strike while the iron is hot. If it weren't for tmz he'd already be doing commercials for reverse mortgages

382 days ago


problem is that kazakh people don't know the same info, official opinion is very opposite))

382 days ago


IRS take note! Make sure he gets a 1099-MISC.

382 days ago
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