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Khloe to Lamar

You're Not Welcome Here

9/1/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
has given Lamar Odom an ultimatum -- get help or get an apartment.

Our well-placed sources say Khloe has laid down the law -- Lamar can't live at home until he completes rehab -- which he's been unwilling to do since his addiction spun out of control.

Khloe has kicked Lamar out before, but we're told this time she's vowing not to fold ... and Friday's DUI bust was the last straw. Our sources say Lamar didn't call Khloe or his lawyers after the arrest. They found out when TMZ broke the story hours later.  Khloe was pissed.

Khloe and Lamar did spend time together Saturday at their home -- but Lamar was sent on his merry way after 4 hours of jawboning about his addiction to crack and other drugs.

As one source said ... they're still at an impasse and the prospects of saving their marriage are "grim."

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Sadly, it seems people are happy when a marriage of a famous person is in trouble. I don't understand that mentality. These are people, they have feelings just like the rest of us. Having money and being famous, no matter what you are famous for, does NOT mean you have no feelings and it's kind of sad to know that so many people enjoy when other people are suffering.

417 days ago


so Khloe refuses to fold, huh? I guess she's knows that IF she did "fold" the spotlight would be off her. She'll hold on as LONG as she can.

417 days ago


I'd smoke crack to if I had to b married to her

417 days ago


Hey where is Kim and NORF? Haven't seen Kin since she staged the photos taking the "baby" to the doctor.. And well NORF "itself" has never been seen (except that photo of the 5 month old KON-YEAH showed on Kris' now canceled show)

417 days ago


Run Lamar, RUN. Run as FAR and AS FAST as you can. Do NOT look back. Keep running. Get away from this pile of garbage pull YOUR LIFE together and get back on the hardwoods....with a GOOD TEAM who will value YOU.
You are NOTHING to the Trash-Kanians now except their TOY for public humiliation and character assassination. Run before their "empire" finishes crumbling.

417 days ago


I'm confused. Khloe is giving Odom ultimatums? Odom was picked up driving to his private apartment to get away from her...he has been out of their house for months...he has been with other women but SHE is giving ultimatums? The family has told the press for the last two years that they were happy and trying to have a baby. She was on covers garnishing sympathy cause she couldn't have a baby but in reality she knew he was on drugs, seeing other women and hiring a private detective to follow him.... Khloe is devasted...how devastated? I mean, she's having her hair and makeup done to try and pose "Kim" style every two minutes in dark lighting pursing her lips....hmmmm who to believe, I mean, can't have it both ways.

417 days ago


i bet the Trash-Kanian sisters sit on TMZ all day reading what people say about them....mixing cry sessions with sniffing each other's vagina

417 days ago


KARDOUCHES! -Once again. Geez TMZ no one else on this planet but them, huh?

417 days ago


What a Blessing for Lamar and easy out fromt hat train wreck family

417 days ago


Odoms gets a DUI just a couple after days of moving back with Khloe. More to publically trash him.

Would think that Jenners concern would be her kid that just totaled $125k the black SUV she could not handle to drive. She rear ended and caused the accident that she left the scene of the accident she caused. 2 days later she is driving the white SUV.

This kid is going to kill some one sooner than Llater. Hey no big deal

417 days ago


Well she should have known better. U have to know someone before u marry them.

417 days ago


Do not like to see anyone hurt. Obvious this is difficult but I do appreciate Khloe's strength. No one should have to struggle through a situation like this. I have NO sympathy for Lamar...he is a big boy and made his choices regardles of his childhood. It is his responsibility to man up and get himself under control. Sorry for your hurt Khloe.

417 days ago


Lamar is not a crackhead... just evil mommy Kris spewing her venom. The real story is....Kanye is never near Kim. The relationship is over. Notice never a sighting of Kanye near her home. Only time they are together now is when he has to ... like doctor visits for North.

417 days ago


All this and it is not even sweeps week. This is all very well timed since Kim giving birth wasn't the talk of the town like they thought it was going to be.

417 days ago


Amazing how this story about Lamar Appeared when Kris Kardashians Talk Show is off Air, and the Executives are considering bringing it back. Kris thought that there new Airline Baby North West would save the show, but really no one cared, So Kris Khole and Harvey came up with the Hard Drug Story With No Evidence to back up any claim.

417 days ago
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