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Khloe to Lamar

You're Not Welcome Here

9/1/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
has given Lamar Odom an ultimatum -- get help or get an apartment.

Our well-placed sources say Khloe has laid down the law -- Lamar can't live at home until he completes rehab -- which he's been unwilling to do since his addiction spun out of control.

Khloe has kicked Lamar out before, but we're told this time she's vowing not to fold ... and Friday's DUI bust was the last straw. Our sources say Lamar didn't call Khloe or his lawyers after the arrest. They found out when TMZ broke the story hours later.  Khloe was pissed.

Khloe and Lamar did spend time together Saturday at their home -- but Lamar was sent on his merry way after 4 hours of jawboning about his addiction to crack and other drugs.

As one source said ... they're still at an impasse and the prospects of saving their marriage are "grim."

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No Avatar


I think its a DNA problem, maybe his Dad was a crack head before he was conceived, so he just had to give in eventually. Seems like its a 2 year issue and he is spinning down pretty fast. Nothing she can do.

426 days ago


If he's the one with the problem why does he look so good and she look like hell? What the hell did she do to her face?

426 days ago


Well placed sources in other words "Kris Jenner, she pays us to keep her whore daughters the main focus of TMZ."

426 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Oh please all you bleeding hearts defending the Kardashians. Wah Wah Khloe and that bad bad man. You have the balls to say it's genetic and slam Lamar's father??? No one even knows who Khloe's father is. When that whore mother was married to Robert Kardashian she was admittedly sleeping around with just about anything with a few extra inches in his pants so there's a chance that Khloe and Lamar could share a father. It could happen. Kris probably doesn't even know who Khloe's father is, so it's possible. Give it up. They're gutter trash with money. Pigs are pigs.

426 days ago


TMZ has so many "sources", so where is KIM & the imaginary baby???

426 days ago


Hope they get thru this xx

426 days ago

Master P    

Is it just me or is Khloe's nose wider than Lamar's ?

426 days ago

karen Benedict    

Khloe you also had a DUI it happen's he needs you now more than anybody DO NOT kick him out you will just force him into the arms of the drug addicts don't let him leave the house trust me..You need to read the book( Cocaine Confessions Diary of a Madman) it happens to the best of us he's not a bad person just unstable now.

426 days ago


KMZ here...it's only been a couple of hours since our last update. Mama Kris called us to let us know Khole was finished her breakfast and took a dump. She will post a selfie picture of it all on Instagram in about 5 minutes. Lamar is still being a dick and instance on divorcing her so Mama Kris will feed us some more stories later on his drug abuse. We hear she might even include stories about spousal abuse. Until than we hope you all want to know Bruce farted in Mama Kris's face again.

426 days ago

Gsharon 710    

OK, here is the story. TMZ cannot stand the Jenner/Kardashians but need their money and clicks. They know if they put them as being the ones to pity, the readers will say exactly what they would like to say. They don't have to follow up on a story about not knowing who is the father, about who put out sex tapes, about previous DUI not belonging to Lamar. They will not report how Mama stole her husbands b___s and is wearing them, making him look slightly like the female family members. Whatever we say about ole Harv will be ok because he is getting the best of both worlds. Congrats!
Honey, if you want Lamar to hang around, tell your sorry excuse for a mother to stop telling the world everytime Lamar misses a breath. I guess Kanye has put his foot down and scared the hell out of ole Kris. The only thing Kris is doing is making her daughter the one to be ragged on for telling personal business. Kris, please, you have younger daughters that are learning nothing decent, MYOB and take care of your home. We are smart enough to know all this personal information has to be from a close family member.

426 days ago


if lamar is on drugs and has been for years, she needs to drop him like a bad habit. he will make her life a living hell.

426 days ago


As sad as this saga is, I still wonder if this "rehab situation" is to create better ratings next season and also give Khole more attention.

426 days ago


This story is so lame... He has a net worth of 56 million. He can live anywhere he wants. Obviously he wants out of the marriage... Let go Khloe! Does every guy who wants out of this family have to get publicly slammed by vicious fabricated headlines? Trash family.

426 days ago


The contract this sham marriage was based on must be getting ready to expire. I love how pimp mommy Kris is giving all these little juicy tidbits to TMZ. This family keeps nothing private. Anything to stay relevant. Wonder how much of a cut Kimmode and Kanye are getting off of the baby Kimye t-shirts. Sure hope the sales are slow. TMZ has never made up T-shirts for any legit celeb baby, but did it for this talentless w*ore. More proof Harvey's head is up the Kardashian's fat A S S.

426 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Every photo of her they force feed on us I want to make that Chewbacca sound from Star Wars.

I wish I knew how to spell it.

426 days ago
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