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Sasha Grey

'50 Shades' Is Bush League

Author's a Sex Amateur

9/1/2013 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082913_sasha_grey_launch"50 Shades of Grey" author E.L. James is a hack with no REAL sex experience ... at least according to porn legend Sasha Grey, who tells TMZ, she's way more qualified to write erotic fiction than some horny middle-aged woman.

In case you didn't know, 25-year-old Grey -- who starred in 271 adult films before officially retiring at age 23 -- just released her own erotic novel called The Juliette Society.

We asked Grey if she thinks she's more qualified to write erotica than 50-year-old former "Twilight" fanfic writer E.L. James ... and her response, "HELL YES."

She also tossed in a subtle insult, calling "50 Shades" a "romance" novel ... not real erotica.

But does she think she'll earn $95 million this year like James did? Watch the video. Sasha's hot.


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Sasha grey cannot properly take a crap because her sphincter is just worn out. Billiard balls, massive toys, two dongs in one hole. Her poor sphincter has just given up.

419 days ago


come on TMZ. what she said wasn't even remotely as offensive as you made it out to seem.

419 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well in defense of 50 shades of grey EROTIC FANTASIES... what this chick is referring to 'erotica' (porno) is actually desperate fuqn orgy i'll fuq any wet hole until i come'.. ummm and that is NOT erotica. it's desperate uncontrolled nymphomaniac ocd fuqing just to come, and not erotica. just fyi. that's like calling some stray dog in an alley being ridden by countless dogs 'breeding'. no, sorry miss, you missed the point here. gang bang circle jerk with your face as the bullseye ≠ erotica.

419 days ago


Is that Kloe lurking on the right ?

419 days ago


She's right, FSOG is a romance novel. Just more explicit in the sexual parts. But definitely the same type of damsel in distress, with the dashing wealthy man that can't live without the girl that nobody ever paid notice to before. Same smell!

419 days ago


It's a book for middle-aged repressed women who like horrible writing. It really is only one step away from a Harlequin romance novel.

419 days ago


never read the book, but have to say at least E.L. James didn't make her living on her back like this Sasha chick

419 days ago


Man, the people who are commenting must all be the ones who were fans of that book. It's cr@p writing, just an adult version of Twilight, and not far removed from a Harlequin novel. The writer found a convenient niche and made a ton of money off people who'd never heard of "ben-wa balls." People like different stuff, men and women. Some women like anal, some women like porn, some people already know their sex toys - this doesn't mean they're desensitized or don't understand erotica and such. If that's shocking to you, then this was the book for you. But to other people, it was a dumb, pedestrian book. Not every woman has to fantasize about being overpowered by a man and needing a man to control her - that's part of what makes the book pedestrian. And mind you, some have critiqued the book for being a bit like pedophilia. The female character is young, naive, and childish (does cartwheels at some part, no?). And the man is actually abusive to her, because he does things without her consent and she never gets a say. So go feed on that, all you women and moms who found the book so sexy. Is that really what you find erotic?

419 days ago

tippy katz    

This is so exciting! It's like watching Steinbeck and Hemingway in a naked mud wrestling match!

419 days ago


Sasha was on "Entourage" for a while, and it's no wonder she did porn. She is horrible at acting, so she had to take it up the ass to make a name for herself. And some name!

419 days ago


Whore says what?

419 days ago


25 years-old???? She appears to be in her mid thirties. All the drugs and sex have taken a toll on her in every way. Damages goods...trashy.

419 days ago


Just cause you can take it up the ass like a champ, don't mean you can write a book.

419 days ago

Illy Styles619    

I work at an adult store and although 50 Shades has been great for business and opened up a certain demographic to a whole new arena of sexuality, i would have to agree the writing is for Sasha being more qualified to write erotica, experience with sex doesn't make you a talented author.

419 days ago


Being the 37 yo bisexual $lut that I am I would even consider a woman who enjoyed reading 50 Shades for anything other then it's obvious ignorance and laughable "writing".

419 days ago
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