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Sen. McCain to Putin

Hand Over That Super Bowl Ring

9/2/2013 12:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Enough is enough ... Russian President and alleged Super Bowl ring snatcher Vladimir Putin needs to get that ring back on U.S. soil ASAP ... so says Senator John McCain.

Our photog caught up with Sen. McCain in Georgetown Sunday and broke down President Obama's chances of resolving the greatest threat to US-Russian relations since that thing in Cuba.

McCain -- a true American war hero (just sayin') -- says he's outraged and makes it clear ... the SB bling Putin took from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft ... belongs back in the U.S. of A.

FYI --- Putin denies stealing the ring in 2005, his people say it was a gift. Riiiight.

So, can Prez O -- who's heading to Russia this week -- get it back? Check out JMC's take.


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No Avatar


Who gives a rat's behind about McCain. If that guy had beat Obama he would have bombed Syria without the approval of congress 5 years ago

416 days ago


Mccain's a putz. It was already made public that Putin did NOT take the ring and that Kraft was just talking smack. Besides Putin needs a dumb US Football ring???...He's got enough $$$ to buy the Pat's and Kraft 10 times over. Don't forget folks...McCain is the idiot who gave us Sarah Palin. Thats what his legacy is.

416 days ago

buzz kill    

Republicans like John McShame are a perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican Party.

416 days ago


Putin can take that ring & PUT IN his a$$.

416 days ago


I voted for Ron Paul.

416 days ago


Where the hell was that kind of conviction when he ran against BO?j Well just wait 5 minutes and he'll change his mind and side with Putin.

416 days ago


To all of the fools that perpetually think along party lines: McCain is an American war hero and that alone deserves respect. Like him or not THAT is his legacy. Easy for you to sit and judge from the cheap seats. Learn your history and learn to be an independent thinker that draws his/her own conclusions. Those who make their decisions based on party lines are scary & uninformed. To speak negatively of him simply bc he's a republican tells me you have no idea about this man, his history, his accomplishments and his lifetime of dedication to this country. You mention SP bc that's all you know. You'd be better off saying nothing at all.

416 days ago


Don't we have a few more problems to worry about. The coach can find another ring in a pawn shop.

416 days ago


mcshame need to mind his own business & him & those other obstructionists need to get to work. Who cares if putin has the ring-he still is the same height as bloomberg-it will not make him any taller...

416 days ago


if the ring was a gift to putin he is entitled to have it . for after all there is no law that says something like a super bowl ring is only for the u.s for the president has more important issues to try and talk to russie then a ring. even a super bowl ring. now if putin wants to give it to the president as a sign he wants to fix things again with the u.s thats up to him

416 days ago


Stfu old man. President putin lately has made more sense, than our lying sack of crap government. At least Russia says they are socialists.

416 days ago


If someone gave me a ring as a gift, then later on wanted it back, I'd give it back. Putin is not a fully-fledged human being. He just takes what he wants.

416 days ago


John McCain is the perfect example of why the USA needs TERM LIMITS for Senators and Congressman. He has been in DC so long he has lost touch with reality. RETIRE JOHN.

416 days ago


since we don't have any credibility anymore in the world, I would encourage Putin to keep it.

416 days ago


Ugh mcCain depresses me. Seeing his face reminds me how close we were to saving our country. Now we are on the verge of WWIII, are totally disrespected by other world leaders, record unemployment, sent race relations back 50 years, and have record debt. So so sad.

416 days ago
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