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2 Chainz Arrest


... Cops Say

9/3/2013 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

2 Chainz
' tour bus was carrying two semi-automatic pistols, a 12-gauge pump shotgun, plus prescription painkillers and weed paraphernalia before the rapper's arrest last month ... this according to official police documents.

As we reported, 2 Chainz and ten other people on his tour bus were arrested two weeks ago following a concert in Oklahoma City ... after police accused them of smoking weed on board.

Cops pulled over 2 Chainz' bus because of a busted taillight, but when they approached the vehicle ... cops say they smelled pot and attempted to search the bus. 2 Chainz and co. refused to let cops on board, so the bus was towed to a police yard while a search warrant was obtained.

Hours after the traffic stop, the bus was finally searched and all of its occupants (including 2 Chainz) were placed under arrest for interfering with police. The results of the bus search weren't disclosed, until now.

According to the search report, police confiscated the following: metal marijuana grinders covered in residue, marijuana pipes, Rx meds (Hydrocodone and Flexeril), rolling papers, scales, a semi-auto Sig Sauer SP2340 pistol, a Mossberg model 500 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, and a semi-auto Glock pistol.

So far, weapons and/or drug possession charges haven't been filed.


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TMZ, why do you cover so many rappers and hip-hop artists that no one has ever heard of? I have to scroll through several pages now to get to something that's actually news. I thought you were supposed to cover the Thirty Mile Zone around LA. There is a ton of celebrity news that doesn't even appear here. But for some reason you put the rappers front and center. Boring.

384 days ago


Who had the license and permits to have those weapons on board the bus?

384 days ago

tmz addict    

He can! No wonder ..... BETTER not hurt someone

384 days ago


Mark my words. This case is going to get thrown out.

384 days ago


Black on black crime is very high ..

384 days ago


There is only one infraction and that is weed paraphernalia and maybe prescription painkillers pending if no one had the script given from a doctor. As far as refusing to let police search the bus, police do need a search warrant to search anyone's property. Normally will piss the cops off but who cares they have procedures they must follow as well. The guns are nothing more then a smoke screen in trying to drum up more citations. The bus would be considered 2 Chainz home and he has the right to defend his home. Just a bunch stupid people on this board doesn't understand anything about guns or gun laws. The city of Oklahoma City people can blow as much **** out of their asses as they want. Federal law over rides local and state laws.

384 days ago


I think his a ss should spend some time

384 days ago


I think his a ss should spend some time in jail, he made so much money already and don't appreciate it. When you make it you leave all the bs behind.

384 days ago


Who gives a f*ck about the guns or the drugs, they should've arrested him for being an untalented douchetard with a stupid name

384 days ago


And you say afrikan-amerikan's are not stupid.

384 days ago

Knock Biebers Face In. lil Puke    

He should change his name to "No Brainz"

Would someone hang this prick by one of his chains already.

384 days ago


Thugs. How many stories do we read on TMZ about this kind of stuff? Alot! And what nationality are 99.9% of these of the people? Take a wild guess. BUT we can't say that, because then we'd be racist. TMZ.....can we go at least ONE WHOLE WEEK without seeing this?

384 days ago

The Zombie    

Guns and dope on a thug rapper's tour bus??? NO WAY!!! lol

384 days ago
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