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Chaz Bono

Half the Man He Used to Be

9/4/2013 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono is the incredible disappearing man -- 'cause dude has nearly shed a whole Honey Boo Boo worth of lbs since dramatically changing his diet last year.

Chaz was barely recognizable as he was spotted in Los Angeles today ... walking around in shorts and a pretty tight tee.

Earlier this year, Chaz talked about how he dropped nearly 70 pounds -- not through surgery -- but through sticking to calorie-controlled meals ... and doing a ton of martial arts training.

Chaz's original goal was only to lose 50 lbs. -- so he's clearly blown that away.

Jessica and Kim K. ... take notes.



No Avatar


Fantastic, now, be the girl you're supposed to be !

378 days ago


To bad she didn't take the weight loss seriously when she was still living life as a woman. She would have been much happier. Now she's a chick with no breast. That's okay though because lots of women are flat chested. She still has the bottom half that works and that's what men are mostly into anyway. She can always get implants. I never believe this was a sexuality issue but more of a problem regarding Chastity being obese. I hope the ONLY daughter of 60's icon's Sonny & Cher can find away to be happy being born a girl as God made her to be.

378 days ago


It is mental issue when a person wants to change their sex. God doesnt make mistakes, people do. I bet having Cher for a mother was very difficult, she was usually half naked, liked boy toys, showed off her tattoed butt. Chaz probably felt she couldnt compete and went the other way. She is still a girl, always will be. You can hang cherries on an apple tree, it is still an apple tree.

378 days ago


He's a great-looking guy. Half the women here who are hating would probably wouldn't look this good if they changed their sex. Really, people. You're showing your level of intelligence. There are people on this planet who are born the wrong sex. With billions and billions of people populating this earth for the past twenty-one centuries you don't think it's possible??? You people are pitiful.

378 days ago


Looking good Chaz. Losing weight is a very hard thing to do. I admire you for doing so. Great going - be happy.

378 days ago


Great going Chaz, very proud of you. Losing weight takes a lot of will power.

378 days ago


Let's be clear. You can do surgery on a donkey and even give it hormone shots, but it will never be a rabbit. You are what you are, and all "she" is and ever will be is a woman with a high tech superficial disguise. She is only fooling herself.

378 days ago

What's Reality    

She is looking better. Congrats on the weight loss Chasity.

378 days ago


half the "man" he used be is a sick joke, sonnys rolling over his grave after his little girl turned into the freak show

378 days ago


She got her girly legs back, WOWW!! Now just shave them like most females do. A change in appearance does not equal a genetic change. Once a XX always a XX

378 days ago


According to the DSM, this gender dysphoria nonsense is a delusion, not a biological "wrong body." Hormones and surgery don't treat what is a mental illness, so it's sad that she was led to believe so.

378 days ago


Not news.

378 days ago

Sir David     

CHAZ BONO still has a vegina so it is a SHE not a HE! The Bearded Lady !

378 days ago


Yea right half the man! Does he have a prostrate? Does he have a penis that grows and shrinks when it's suppose to? Can he fight like a man? No way! That thing was still born a woman and no matter what they do, that's still a woman with altered parts. And if you really want to be shocked at a before and after pic, compare this to the way he/she/it looks today:

Yea she started off as a pretty hot chick, now she/it is a hacked up piece of human whatever!

378 days ago


No Mater what you do to your body your still female.

378 days ago
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