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Aaryn Gries


I Was Her Valentine, She's Not Racist

9/4/2013 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Drumroll please ... Aaryn Gries' Valentine this year WAS A BLACK MAN -- so says the black man himself, and he insists it's proof the "Big Brother" villain isn't the disgusting racist she portrayed on TV.

Shawn Onyechi tells TMZ, he knows Gries from college in Texas and they were pretty close before she left for "Big Brother."

They didn't date, but Shawn says they were Valentines this year ... and he knows for a fact she's NOT the racist pig she appeared to be on the reality show.

Shawn even tweeted, "Who thinks Aaryn Gries from big brother is racist? I've heard her comments, but personally I KNOW otherwise."

Quick recap: Aaryn's said a bunch of racist crap on the show, including this reference to a black contestant: "Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that bitch."

Aaryn has since been evicted from the "Big Brother" house, and in her defense she said she's not racist ... she's just Texan.



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Both pictures look fake as hell. If she really took pictures this bad in real life, NO WAY in hell she would have a modeling contract. Her head reminds me of the wobbly head doll on a dashboard. A chip monk's azz could take a better photo shot than her. ENOUGH!!!

422 days ago


She ain't the only one who has said stuff that should be confronted.

BB is a guilty pleasure and last year was thinking that Dan didn't deserve to win because of the game he played and I believed that until i saw the behavior this year.

Everything is personal and nasty and mean.

Dan played the game and never embarrassed anyone or unnecessarily humiliated anyone, either. Surprise people? Yes, but it wasn't like this....

Was my feeling early on that CBS was playing with fire this season, by allowing certain behaviors to continue. Verbal abuse should NOT be allowed and should be treated the same as physical abuse would, with the player being ejected from the game.

This year has been a disgusting display and most of the worst stuff never made it to TV. The tobasco sauce Amanda put on Elyssa's panties or pad - and other stuff too gross and numerous to list.

Sadly, it seems to be reflecting back at us something quite ugly....

422 days ago


She was made to look like a racist! She made those remarks on her own. If you aren't smart enough to know that you have a microphone on your shirt and people will hear what you say, then she's just a moron.

422 days ago


I don't think him being dressed up as Django is helping her cause any.

422 days ago


Shawn needs to pick his friends better.

422 days ago


I know this dude. Are you kidding me? This dude's the poster boy for the all American Organization UncleToms United. So let me get this straight. Some attention seeker takes a few pictures with her and all of a sudden her RACIST and unedited comments (spewing them right up until the night before her eviction) lose credibility. Please, do tell us how we got it all wrong and the poor little white girl is being picked on. Perhaps including a summary of your previous article on how cowardly one must be for not falling into your stereotypical expectations of the Angry Black Man.Yet again, TMZ showing how desperate you people are for storylines. I cannot imagine what the PoC working for this joke of a media outlet were offered to voluntarily support such garbage; nothing but propaganda that serves to further a skewed hidden agenda to destroy the image of PoC. See I must not have caught that article on fellow Big Brother 15 contestant Amanda Zuckerman's Racism and Bigotry. Wonder why

422 days ago


THIS racist storyline crap was drummed up by CBS....They have a WWE writer writing scripts. IT is nothing more than amateur mactors playing out a story line to coincide with the Zimmerman trial. One of the so called racists is actually named Zimmerman. This is nothing more than mass media Psyops...both CBS and TMZ play their role, and the big bucks keep rolling in.

422 days ago


All the hateful things she said on the show , and people are saying she not a racist.Well she has issues that she has to come to term with.

422 days ago


That clown is from Deer Park, Tx....steroids must have damaged his mind completely. He must need attention.

422 days ago


wonder How much her mother Gave this Guy to pose with his Daughter just so people can see
that she's Not a Racist when in Fact we all know differently come on honey posing with this Guy isn't going to help the fact that your a RACIST.... I mean it was Advertised all over television when you decided to open your mouth

422 days ago


doesn't mean she is not racist, she just like big *****!!

422 days ago


"She's not racist, she Texan." I always thought "racist" and "Texan" were synonyms anyway.

422 days ago


Sorry to disappoint the stupid narcissist, but I lived in Ohio & Oklahoma and if I didn't look like a "white girl", I was treated like a pathetic stupid "creature".
Even Asians & African Americans wanted to look & act like prim obedient "pale Caucasians".

She better hope her fake smiling self grows a brain. "Hahaha".

422 days ago


Her mother said she went to her high school prom with a black guy. Show the picture. I think she went to high school in Colorado as her parents divorced.

422 days ago


Am I the only one that sees how obvious these pics are photo shopped? especialy the 2nd one?!

421 days ago
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