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Dave Chappelle

Hartford Crowd Was Evil, White

I Wanted to Pull a 'Reverse Kramer'

9/4/2013 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904_dave_chappelle_article_tmzDave Chappelle is lashing out about the people who heckled him in Hartford, CT last week ... calling the crowd a bunch of "young, white alcoholics" and saying he wanted to pull a "reverse Kramer."

Chappelle took the stage at a show in Chicago last night ... and immediately went off on Hartford -- where he engaged in a nasty stand-off with the crowd after several loudmouthed fans heckled him during his set.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to the United States," Chappelle said ... "but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut."

Chappelle then called the crowd "evil" ... and described them as a bunch of "young, white alcoholics."

"I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers or something crazy like that."

Chappelle was obviously referring to the TMZ footage of Michael Richards during his insane N-bomb tirade at the Laugh Factory back in 2006.

In the end, Dave says the crowd in Hartford was lucky to see him "freak out" that night -- explaining, "That s**t's like being at a f**king tiger show the night Sigfried and Roy got their throats bit out by the tiger ... you don't go to see somebody be safe."



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Wow - Dave all those white people in the audience paid to come to see you are racist? Who knew.


422 days ago


The black race (per capita) is much more racist than the white race. It's about time America addressed this little problem.......

422 days ago


I liked him better as Clayton Bigsby.

422 days ago


I went to see his Pittsburgh show last week where he told everyone in the crowd that he's not racist because his mom's half white, which makes him a quarter, and he brought his whife (who is Asian) on stage with their children.He is far from racist. And he doesn't smoke crack. He left his show because he didn't like that producers were trying to change it. Get your facts straight people!

422 days ago


This is TMZ at its best. Put out a story about race and let the racists verbally fight it out. TMZ loves to fuel the racist fire and you all fall for it. Stupid sheep.

422 days ago


Lets get record straight. Had it been any other black comedian maybe it would be racist. But with it being Dave, a comedian who has set the bar for racial comedy, I say no. For years hes made jokes about all races, so its not strange for him to highlight race toward a group of people who disrepected him. And if it were a crowd of black people, there would not have been kinder words.

422 days ago


OK, so a few white boys were acting like idiots. I guess all white people are bad now. Dave, you're a plucking racist.

422 days ago

Double Bubble    

Funny how you all you people sit here and say Chappelle is racist for "wanting to call people crackers".. yet Im sure most of you morons laughed and laughed when you watched his shows or his stand up and he was calling black people "n*ggers"... I'm sure none of you were sitting there trying to defend blacks when that was said?? Because to you, that was comedy... He says the word cracker, and suddenly he's not funny? Get the f*ck outta here!!!

422 days ago

Anthony Wa    

And he;s full of it ... NO white people would pay a DIME to see this sleazy dirty racist piece of crap.

Sorry sucka .. I think I was your OWN people heckling you!

Even your own people hate you!

422 days ago


Dude has lost his edge and needs to go back into hiding. He's got issues.

422 days ago


What a racist!

422 days ago


I miss his show :(

422 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

That's your audience azzhole! You sure were happy enough to take their young white drunk dollars, weren't you?

422 days ago


Racist. But who be the first one to pull a race card if they didn't get their way? Shame shame. Glad MLK didn't see what happened to his dream.

422 days ago


Classic. That's great.

422 days ago
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