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George Zimmerman

Need for Speed

Gets Him Busted Again

9/4/2013 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman
's got a real issue with guns ... radar guns -- 'cause he got pulled over for allegedly speeding for the second time in just over a month ... Tuesday in Florida.

Zimmerman was busted in his Honda Ridgeline doing 60 mph in a 45 mph zone, according to cops in Lake Mary, FL ... outside Orlando -- who released video of the pullover.

Zimmerman was also pulled over for speeding in Texas on July 28. During that traffic stop he told the officer he had a weapon in his truck.

He did not mention having a gun during this latest stop.

Zimmerman got off with a warning in Texas. No such luck this time ... his ticket lists the fine as $256.



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cynical me    

He got away with shooting and killing someone...why bother obeying traffic laws.

415 days ago


Who the hell cares. He wasn't a celebrity before he killed (in self defense) another non celebrity. he was tried and found not guilty. Let the man live his live in peace and leave him alone.

415 days ago


And this is what they let back on the street. Neighborhood watchman? GTFOOH! Somebody should be watching him. GZ killed a young man for walking down the street in the dark and got away with it, He's a criminal, a murderer and a psycho driver. Won't be long before he hurt or worse kill somebody again. What a loser!!

415 days ago


I'm sure him taking another persons life is eating away at him justifiable or not, I see a suicide in his future.

415 days ago


256 for 15 over seems excessive. George don't self destruct, you did nothing wrong. You acted in self defense and protected your life and maybe another. Don't wind up behind bars for a lesser crime thinking you have to pay for a crime you didn't commit. Don't listen to the idiots. Be safe.

415 days ago

South Beach    

George for someone who claims to be broke as a joke you sure a doing a lot of running around in that gas guzzler. Where this $$ coming from George? No job for a couple years, but you're got your Ridgeline full speed ahead. This a part of that "Defense Fund"? New day old tricks huh George? Somebody get a book deal? According to your attorney you're practically on welfare. Guess not so much.

415 days ago

go home!    

The person that released this video should be fired. Enough already.

415 days ago


Why did George Zimmerman get out of his vehicle and confront Trayvon Martin if Trayvon was simply walking down the street? Also, how can the Stand Your Ground law protect George Zimmerman? Trayvon was not on anyone's property committing any crimes!!! George had no right to get out of his vehicle to confront Travon Martin.

415 days ago


I notice all the racists go through and click the "arrow up" on all Anti-Zimmerman comments. Stupid f.ucking losers still wishing death or harm on an innocent man... Don't you people have anything better to do with your lives? Why do you idiots care where he gets his money from??

415 days ago


F.U. TMZ leave the guy alone, you really want someone to hurt him don't you..butt hurt liberals.

415 days ago


His face makes me want to puke! I don't know how looks himself in the mirror.

415 days ago


256$ for 15 mph over?! What the hell is that bs?!

415 days ago


60 mph...we go 80 in Dc

415 days ago


He has to speed up to try and hit the black people in the crosswalk.

415 days ago


This guy is a menace to society. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PEOPLE!!!

415 days ago
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