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Suri Cruise


'No Butt Smacking'

9/4/2013 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904_suri_cruise_cast_writing_launchSuri Cruise is on the mend after breaking her arm recently, rocking a badass plaster cast in NYC yesterday filled with signatures and doodles from friends -- including some mysterious words of advice ... "no butt smacking with this."

We don't know who would write "no butt smacking" on a 7-year-old's cast, OR WHY, but Suri should probably listen.

Luckily, Suri looked in good spirits despite the busted limb, holding on to her mama's hand.

Still no word on how she broke it though (too much butt smacking?). Get well soon!


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The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I can see all the "hates" now but all you people saying she's 7 years old and the blankie, stuffed animal and thumb sucking is a bit immature and maybe it is, but imagine if this was your child or your grandchild and a horde of men followed you and were shouting your name and asking you questions and shoving cameras in your face. What the hell kind of world would that be? That's not exactly normal either.

411 days ago


It is a bit strange, but you don't have to go down the perv road on this one. Little kids get smacked in the butt all the time, it is called spanking.

411 days ago


So sad this children can't go out in public with out somebody following them snapping pictures every step they take & hollering their name..makes me appreciate the normal life my kids have.

411 days ago


She probably likes to run up to people and smack their butts, then likely dissolves into fits of laughter. It's a kid thing.

411 days ago


Can she GROW UP and get rid of the blankie already? Come on, that's for infants. What psychological disorder does she have that necessitates having a security blanket? She's a brat and apparently a babyish one, too.

411 days ago


This kid comes across as a brat!! Hopefully this is not the case.

411 days ago


first i was the "knee vagina" now looking at her left leg in pictue 17...what the heck is going on with that huge "flab" pack coming frome calf?

411 days ago


How nasty is that animal and blanket by this time? It's been dragged all over NY and the world, time for a change kid

411 days ago


Most people think Katie walks on water but I don't see much change in this child's behavior since they left Tom. Imagine the outrage if Suri broke her arm on Tom's watch? Not a big fan of Tom's but I used to really like Katie and would watch movies just because she was in them-now I think the entire family is creepy-including Katie. Go a head and hate check-you know you want to.

411 days ago


I thought plaster casts weren't used anymore.

411 days ago


That kid is pissed off by the men following them with cameras.
Every pic she is sad.
Take a cab next time Katie
Your bitch ass can afford it!

411 days ago

She's baaaack    

For the record, that was written by one of her little schoolmates. Kids that age can be so silly. TMZ is one of my dirty little habits but I can do without pictures of children. Knowing what a mob scene went into getting that picture I didn't even look at any others and wish that one wasn't even there. You wouldn't lose any hits if you quit paying for pictures of children, you know.

411 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

to all the raised by wolves and youporn tmz employees: in like 'white redneck america' 'butt smacking' is like 'spanking someone', therefore, an 'innocent fun wordplay on a little girls cast'... because yeah, what kind of pervert would write 'no butt smacking' on a little girl's cast, right? how do you people even get jobs there??? do they scoop you up from right outside the funny farm, the way people scoop up dudes from the home depot? are you like recent releases from the psyche wards of serious mental diseases or something? seems that way sometimes.

411 days ago


While I can understand Katie Holmes wanting a normal life for her daughter, does she really think by looking at these pictures and countless others we have seen, that this is normal? She needs to get a clue, and realize that her daughter is the offspring of Tom Cruise and will never have that life no matter what she does. Especially in NYC. If my daughter was finally pulling back and starting to cry, I would feel bad that I keep thrusting her into that crap. Until better laws are in place to stop this mob mentality of photogs chasing these kids, the celebrity is just going to have to have a plan B. I hate to say it, but it is going to take a terrible accident happening to one of these kids before reality sinks in.

411 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

funny how lots of 'commenting women' want to rip and yank her 'security blanket' and toy/stuffed animal from her. are these like 'expert opinions'? or those of of 'moms'? seems slightly cruel to think that a kid doesn't know or need something she obviously feels comfortable with. if it were a 7 year old boy and a truck or action figure toy, would you wonder the same, or is it because she's girl, and she should be learning how to behave or submit already, by covert emotional abuses?

411 days ago
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