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Aaryn Gries is No Racist ...

So Say Mom & Black Friend

9/4/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Is it possible Aaryn Gries said the offensive things she said in the "Big Brother" house ... but is NOT racist? Her biggest defender (an actual Black guy!) calls in to try and clean up the giant mess she made.

Plus, Justin Bieber did NOT say the N-word in a new song -- he's the victim of a not-so-clever, mystery enemy who doesn't know how to spell ... according to his camp.

And, Chaz Bono loses a ton of weight -- and everyone is proud of him ... except one person in the newsroom who thinks he's the Barry Bonds of weight loss.

(0:00) Someone finally comes to "Big Brother" contestant Aaryn's defense -- and African American who says he KNOWS she's not racist.
(6:00) Shanna Moakler sucks the fat out of her stomach, and shows the world.
(10:00) Justin Bieber did NOT say the n-word in a new song ... he was framed!
(14:00) Terrence Howard accused of even more crazy behavior by his ex.
(18:00) NBA star Royce White accused of domestic violence by Maxim model Tania Mehra -- she joins us to back up her allegations.
(24:00) Chaz Bono cuts his weight by a lot, but Mike thinks he's cheating.
(29:00) Melanie Griffith totally supports her daughter Dakota Johnson's super sexual role in "50 Shades of Grey."
(32:00) Gisele Bundchen SINGs in a new ad -- and we're split on whether or not it's terrible or decent.
(34:00) John McCain plays a game on his phone during an important hearing about WAR -- and one of our viewers rips him a new one.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Time again to read our viewer hate mail!


No Avatar


They do this show every day. Why can't it ever start on time? Or even close to on time?

412 days ago


Didn't anyone learn from Puala Dean's incident? We all know you have said racist and vile things about multiple ethnicities, religions, and races. Own it! Say you realize that you have hurt others with your words, and that you are going to do some soul searching to change these patterns. Do some charity work, and this whole thing would be finished. But to say since a black man took you to prom expunges every racist thing that has come out of your mouth is ridiculous. We are smarter than that!!!!

412 days ago


HERE WE GO.... The black friend. HAHAHAHAHAHA I want to see this "BLACK FRIEND"!!

412 days ago


Love your show guys ! Much love from Romania

412 days ago


Waht a joke. Her mother had someone Photo Shop a picture and we are supposed to believe that everything that she said was in jest.
Will they release the Asian guy picture tomorrow?

412 days ago


Aaryn said tons more of racist things than what they aired on TV. The night before eviction she was making more homophobic remarks. She also called Candice Aunt Jemima and needed to go make chicken and stfu. She's a racist and I'm glad she's catching heat for her hurtful remarks.

412 days ago


A-A-R-Y-N (NATION) Is a snob. A racist, as well as a bully.

412 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Mike I believe the tubs name is is a terrible host for your show. Becides being a jackass he was his tongue jammed way up the celebrities butt holes to ever be a little objective.
Put the surfer guy on. He's entertaining

412 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Charles your an idiot to say anyone that says "the n word" is racist. Why cant someone let say me for example who is not racist but thinks you are stupid so to entice a crappy remark and make you all butt hurt I call you a nig. It doesn't make me a racist. It could be simply to make you butt hurt.

412 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Aryan looks like she knows how to handle a really big schlong, so I guess it makes sense.

412 days ago


Next they are going to say she dated a Chinese guy. Give us a break!

412 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Oh for out loud crying!... Someone took the time to find a nice black and white photo of Bo Jackson and some random girl and some people are still not satisfied... DAGNABBIT!!

412 days ago


no matter how aaryn tries to defend herself she will still be doing damage control. and max for the second time this week does bring up a new valued point over the whole racist thing that no one has ever realy brought up. for where does it say at tmz they have to be pc. and that sludge from shanna that mike compared to big gulps make me want to not drink them ever again. plus think mike may be a little jelouse of chaz's sucess with his weight. for loved the zinger max gave him .

412 days ago


not to mention since when is it a required ment for any one at tmz to be pc given what they do. For Max should not have to say sorry every time he is expressing his own unique surfer dude opinion plus hate to say it but Gisele's accent is a lttle too thick when she is singing.

412 days ago


Aaryn knew that Julie was going to ask her about the Racist comments, Several weeks leading up to her eviction, Julie was asking her in the house right before the votes about stuff she said.

412 days ago
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