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Mel Gibson

Goes Off On Malibu Cops

'Why Are You Harassing Me?'

9/6/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
had an angry encounter with Malibu cops last Saturday -- the good news ... he was sober and left the Jews out of it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... just after 1:00 AM Mel and a female passenger rolled up to a DUI checkpoint on Pacific Coast Highway -- the same road where Mel was famously busted for DUI in 2006 -- where he ranted against the Jews.

We're told deputies asked Mel if he had been drinking.  He said no and cops had no reason to suspect otherwise.

But there was a problem ... Cops asked Mel to produce his license, and Mel didn't have it on him. At that point deputies told Mel to go to a secondary screening spot, and that's when Gibson got angry.  We're told Mel yelled, "Why are you harassing me?"  Deputies asked why Mel was screaming and he responded, "I have had problems with you Lost Hills [Malibu] deputies in the past." 

Things cooled down when deputies let Mel off with a warning. 

Mel drove off and did not blame deputies or Jews for the whole Syrian thing.



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its da jewzzzz conform comply thee are in control
they are watching tracking you
they want their money back and day want you tooo
come out with yer snipped pecker out or they will
throw the bible at you they control your mind heart n soul even earth wind and fire and they suck
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410 days ago


did you know that the mark of the beast is actually on the head yer pecker go look

410 days ago


yet another invalid no proof
heresay story in effort to dis. M.G.
one wonders why if he's truly such a 'nemo'
G-d Bless

410 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

can someone please zonk the fuq outta sugar tits? why does he even fuqn live in malibu? is he trying to erect himself as the pimp of the russian sex escort ring of malibu? i mean where's his ol russian hag oksana gregoria? didn't they want to turn malibu into the hub for russian prostitution? gibson needs to just shut his fuqn trap and git the fuq lost out of that town. he does not belong there. go drag your russian prostitution business to some other infested hole, like san francisco or something. dumb fuqn piece of white trash chit.

410 days ago


But after all, Mel needs our help, he's just a sick perv. racist alcoholic with imperial affectations. Give him a chance...

410 days ago


He needs some anger management.

409 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

lol shm.

Same ol' crap from the same ol' hater, the usual 'insult' to anyone whom likes Mel when a hater does not.

Get a life Piggy and move on.

408 days ago


AAHHAHAHAHAHAH! You pro-Mellers better go check out DAILY MAIL . There's a story posted TODAY Sep 14 - about the girl who Roman Polanski allegedly raped. In a nutshell the "victim" claims to still be in touch w/ him (Roman) to this day.
How many times did the Mellers reference the "rape" back when MG was accused of beating up OG? COUNTLESS.
Funny how the "victim" maintains contact with her rapist after so many years. Doesn't make much sense does it flock?

403 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Let me tell you the difference between me and Oksana. I would be buying Mel a Starbucks drink, rather than him buying me $200 plus dinner. I would want to buy him something to wear, instead of him buying me a fancy azz over price dress to wear. I don't need that over a million dollar home to be happy. I would be happy just to have him and his love. Also, I wouldn't have him make me a cd, even if he thought I could sing. The only way I might agree to making one, if he will sing with me on it. It is his money (that he worked hard for), and I wouldn't feel right taking advantage of him. like Oksana did. I don't know how she can live with herself doing what she did to Mel. LOl.. I like to see Oksana actually work. Try making 4 movies in a row, Oksana. You know, Edge Of Darkness was a very good movie, but at the end when Oksana's song..Say My Name started playing, my son turn to me and said..eeew who is that? LOL Good thing it played at the end and not during the movie, or my son, and others would have walked out. LOL

399 days ago
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