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Melissa Etheridge Defeats Ex

Kids Can Go On Tour

Boobs & Weed for Everyone!

9/5/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904-melissa-ethridge-tammy-lynnMelissa Etheridge's twins are free to hang with as many breast-baring, weed-smoking groupies as their 6-year-old hearts desire -- a judge just gave Melissa the thumbs-up to take her kids on tour ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Melissa's ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels tried to block the children from going on the road by filing an emergency request to modify their child visitation agreement back in July.

Tammy Lynn's main concerns: 1. Melissa's female fans whipping out their boobs to throw  bras on stage ... 2. marijuana smoke backstage and on tour buses ... and 3. the kids getting vaccinations.

Well, the judge must have a rock and roll heart -- or just didn't buy Tammy Lynn's argument -- because the request was denied on Aug. 30.

However, now that the kids are cleared for the road ... Melissa only has 7 U.S. tour dates left.

Well, remember kids ... it's quality of boobs time, not the quantity.



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Does it really Matter what Tammy has to say, No Judge in California will ever go against an Athlete, A Movie Star or a Rock Star. That is the way the Law is set up.

422 days ago


Melissa Etheridge Defeats Ex...............I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE 2 HAVING SEX

422 days ago


l(o)(o)l l(o)(o)l l(o)(o)l l(o)(o)l l(o)(o)l l(o)(o)l :-)

422 days ago


So, she's one of those wackos who thinks vaccines are dangerous. The only reason her kids didn't get polio and other fun illnesses kids in developing countries get is because of a phenomenon called 'herd protection', or you live where most people are immunized so the odds of getting infected a close to nil. Oh, and for those of you conspiracy theorist who think some links to some alternative medicine/conspiracy theory websites will impress me, don't bother. I'm a biochemist.

422 days ago


California judges are the worst when it come to fairness regarding celebrities. Here is just one more example.

422 days ago


Sound like I need to go to one of these shows and convert a few to the pole.

422 days ago


Children that age don't belong on a tour... Grow up and stop hurting yourr kids just to mess with eachother !

422 days ago

Me Too    

Yeah, there will be weed, but the boobs won't be of 26 year old hotties- they'll be the flapjacks of obese 50 year olds who are stuck in the 80's.

422 days ago


It's September. Don't the kids belong in school?

422 days ago


Aren't those kids in school now? Besides, I'm guessing they're exposed to boobs and pot at home anyway. Hello!
She can't all of a sudden say, I hate these things about you, even though those were the things that made me fall in love with you and decide to have your kids. Come on now.
I think the real issue is Melissa's current girlfriend (Ex Nurse Jackie producer) is more famous than her. Let it go...or drop your 'millions in child support' and file for sole custody.

422 days ago


Fine, so long as they get their vaccinations too. Looney Tune.

422 days ago


I feel bad for Tammy. Melissa Etheridge left her high and dry with the kids. Really disgraceful.

422 days ago


I'm kind of torn here. While I don't really agree that 6 years old should be exposed to weed... I also don't think it's okay that their not vaccinated!!!! Going on tour, being exposed to all kind of people, who knows what they might catch being unvaccinated. I've read all the literature and I've seen all the rantings. Jenny McCarthy has done the country a irreversible harm by telling parents not to vaccinate their kids. HER KID NEVER EVEN HAD AUTISM!! If the judge wants to let Melissa take these kids on tour, there should at least be a rule in place that says these kids need to be vaccinated against things that could potentially kill them, esp if they are touring overseas (actually, I think that's a requirement to go overseas!)

422 days ago

Nun ja biz    

2 six year olds do not need to be on a tour bus. I don't care who their parents are. Melissa could spend quality time with them when she isn't on tour.

422 days ago

Miss Greta    

Ew gross Melissa etheridge groupies. Their funbags probably look like popped water balloons.

422 days ago
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