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Mel vs. Malibu Cops Again

Jews Emerge Unscathed

9/6/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


So, they meet again -- Mel Gibson and cops in Malibu ... and this once again Mel lost his cool. Question is, why does Mel think cops did him wrong back in 2006?? Wasn't it the other way around?

Plus, "Big Brother" accused racist Aaryn Gries -- we've finally found pics of the Black guy she went to prom with ... but is that enough to acquit her?? Can you date a Black person and still be racist?

And, Tamar Braxton joins us to explain why she didn't bond with her newborn son at first -- and what it took to change that. Also, her new diet ... we don't recommend it, but it's definitely working for her!

(0:00) Mel Gibson loses his temper with cops in Malibu again -- but this one didn't end so badly as the last time it happened.
(6:00) George Zimmerman's wife is divorcing him -- and she's gonna get a chunk of the money he raised for legal fees.
(10:00) Lamar Odom's drug addiction is worst than anyone thought -- we know how much money he was spending PER DAY on crack.
(14:00) Aaryn Gries' Black prom date -- still not enough to clear of being a racist?
(18:00) Tamar Braxton joins us to explain why she didn't connect with her newborn right away.
(24:00) A brawl on "Real Housewives" that DOESN'T involves women ... is it the real deal or just a publicity stunt.
(29:00) Kenneth Cole ripped for using Syria to push his shoes on Twitter -- but is everyone losing their sense of humor?
(32:00) Justin Bieber's friend -- guilty by association ... of liking limes. We'll explain.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Sophia Vergara eats it ... are high heels really worth it?

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Will this 10am show EVER start on time???

411 days ago


Leave Swole Men alone!

411 days ago


Harvey, Zimmerman's wife did NOT testify in front of the jury. She perjured herself at the hearing about the monies before trial.

411 days ago


Whoever she is, she's boring!

411 days ago


Dear TMZ;
I wish that I could say that I am not a fan, but that would be untrue. I am writing about the Lemon haircut story which you ran on TMZ Live. While I can agree with Harvey's view about the "ageism" in legitimate news (yes, Harvey I used the term legitimate news. TMZ stories, while entertaining, are not tackling the major issues.). Does this now mean that we should accept the use of "slang" or other things that are considerably less educated sounding in order to pander to the younger audiences. I believe that this is one of the downfalls of todays society, we dumb down serious topics instead of aspiring to lift up the masses to a higher standard. Personally, if I want to hear the common language I watch TMZ and their wonderfully common reporters. Sorry, nothing negative about the TMZ staff should be implied.

411 days ago


Can you be a racist and date a black guy? Here's a better question: do people of a certain political persuasion think all racists are one color?

411 days ago


If this is true about Lamar?
His wife should be held responsible for not calling a 5150 on him.
Does she really Love Him?

411 days ago


I have the BB live feed, laughter after her saying it was because so many in that house are bigots.

411 days ago


GinaMarie on Big Brother called one of the other contestants 8yo child a "Fking Spanish Puerto Rican Fking Dirt Bag" Then we have the men calling all the women the B and C words. It is a horribly bigoted cast on the show. I have never seen so much vulgarity.

411 days ago


We also have house guest Spencer Clawson, on BB, the one that was investigated for child porn, and whose father is a Judge, saying he stole cable for five years and just now started paying for it. The live feeds show you so much more than the edited show.

411 days ago


Bigot Gina Maria Zimmerman said the other night that she rigged a Toys for Tots raffle to let her friends and family not only in for free but to win prizes with no donations.

411 days ago


I think Reality Shows need to go away.

411 days ago


Charles would feel a lot better if he could get that big racial chip off his shoulder

411 days ago


Charles, I have to agree with Harvey on this one, calling someone a Pollack is derisive.

411 days ago


Polack - derogatory

411 days ago
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