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Lamar Odom

So Bad ... Crack Dealer Cut Him Off

9/7/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's crack cocaine addiction had reached such dangerous levels ... even his dealer thought the NBA star had gone over the edge, and cut off his supply last week, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the dealer tell us, the crack slinger had delivered the drug to Lamar all summer, but last week, Lamar was insatiable ... calling incessantly and demanding more and more crack.   His go-to dealer apparently got scared enough to cut Lamar off.

No surprise ... the dealer wasn't really concerned about Lamar's welfare.  He was worried about his own ass -- scared Lamar could die and authorities would come down on him.

Obviously, this doesn't mean Lamar stopped using crack ... we're told he hasn't.  It just means he went on the hunt for a new supplier.

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So the crack dealer is smarter than the crackhead no news here

412 days ago


And we believe a drug dealer why? LOL

412 days ago

david 183    

Hey Tmz at a certain point it's not entertaining anymore, I would say when somebody is battling a drug addiction . It's sad that you guys find somebody's down fall so amusing . I would like to know if any of your staffers would like there personal problems out . Since you guys like to report te drama I guess it makes you all fair game.

412 days ago


Why are tabloids trying to destroy the guy #shameful

412 days ago


Its looking more and more like the Kardashians are feeding these stories because they want Lamar to look bad and maybe even kill himself. He probably knows WAY too much and could hurt the whole Kardashian family if he writes a tell all now that he and Khloe are about to divorce.

412 days ago


Seems legit, because a crack dealer is a reliable source of information.

412 days ago


Good thing I dont believe everything I read..

412 days ago



A pusher who doesn't push.

Try Again, TMZ!

412 days ago


Dealers always call TMZ and ROL everybody knows that.

412 days ago


Dear Lamar,
Just yesterday one of my 4th grade students chose and wrote about you as their "hero". Thankfully that child does not know about the path you have chosen that surely will not end in a positive note if you don't stop. Children look up to you and need positive role models. Please continue to be one of them and turn your life back around.

412 days ago


I think this story is BS...TMZ is the new national enquirer after this story.

412 days ago


Straight from PMK, of course. For god's sake, leave the guy alone.

412 days ago


Hell naw this is too much now.crack dealers don't thrust no one, and you telling me the crack dealer talking to the media, admitting he sells lamar crack.
This must be kris jenner.
I've been watching this story for the past 8 or 9 days and what is so strange about this is, normally when celebs screw up they have a publicist or an agent send out a statement,refuting claims or doing what ever they have to do to protect their client,I don't see any of that for lamar. Lamar's name has been in the toilet bowl and now rinsing off in the septic for days now and I haven't heard not one person of his team speak out on his behalf. Which tells me either they all need to be fired or he has none or he's getting the wrong advice from some one. Because if your stragedy is to say nothing and it will go away , you can see it is not going away. There are more than one ways to skin a cat, I think what lamar is doing by continuing to live his life is good. I think he should go where those cameras are be photographed, let them take the photo of him because when people read these stupid stories and see the pictures of him they just don't match.he does not look like a crackhead at all. If this was me and they ask me questions about taking drugs or my marriage, I would simply say you guys are crazy man, there's nothing wrong. Sometimes,you have to take matters into your own hand to take care of some s**t. LAMAR speak up fa. Ya self.

412 days ago


Hey TMZ won't don't you publish the dealers name and pictures if you that good at what you do!!!!! Don't you think you would be of good service to our country if you did!!! Keep crack dealers of the street!!!!! Don't publish fake stories!!!!! TMZ will **** down soon!

412 days ago


Jeez...let the man deal with his problem. Smh @ tmz.

412 days ago
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