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Jiu Jitsu Master


... From 5'3" Woman

9/7/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jui Jitsu master Rodrigo Gracie -- a member of the legendary Gracie MMA fighting family -- is begging the court for protection against an allegedly drunk and violent enemy ... TMZ has learned.

In one corner ... 6'0", 185-pound Gracie -- a 5th degree black belt and 4-time Pride fighting winner.

In the other corner ... 5'3", 135-pound woman named Tiffany -- who lives in an apartment above Gracie's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio in Torrance, CA.

Rodrigo filed a request for a restraining order against Tiffany last month, claiming she's been terrorizing his training center:

"[Tiffany has been] cursing, yelling, hitting my door, hitting the glass ... knocked a hole in my door ... comes drunk every time."

The judge sided with Rodrigo ... at least for now ... granting a temporary restraining order against Tiffany, requiring her to stop pestering Rodrigo and his studio.

The case is due back in court later this month -- when Rodrigo will likely ask the court for more permanent protection from his allegedly pain-in-the-ass neighbor.

Attempts to reach Tiffany were unsuccessful.

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No Avatar


u want him to beat her up? then you would be all over that giving him crap, try real reporting for once...

411 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Don't know who this guy is, but no one should be subjected to any sort of loud noise or obnoxious behavior from neighbors. People have the right to enjoy their home or business.

411 days ago


What a ridiculous story TMZ. Would you rather him use his JJ training against her and end up arrested? Shaming a man for filing an RO against a woman is lame. He took the highroad, unlike some men, and you basically make fun of him for it. You SHOULD be ashamed, but I'm sure you wrote the story this way for a reason.

411 days ago


So, TMZ is making fun of a man for putting out an RO on a woman? Comparing their stats makes no sense. If this guy had used force, being that he's trained in JJ, he'd be arrested faster than DMX. What he did was the smart choice.... and yet... TMZ pokes fun at him for it.

411 days ago


Will Tiffany be the next unknown to become a known via TMZ ?

411 days ago


I'm not sure about Jiu jitsu, but boxers who defended themselves can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon!

411 days ago


He's doing it the right way. He's handling the situation with sangfroid and getting the cops involved.

411 days ago


He could either request a restraining order or rear-naked choke her? Whoda thunk he'd be catching flack for getting a restraining order against this idiot woman.

411 days ago


Undoubtedly he could defend himself . . . but then what would you be saying after he hit a tiny woman? He can't win unless the police or the landlord are able to do something about her behavior.

411 days ago


One of the lessons you learn in martial arts is how to avoid physical fights in the first place and to use discipline, being in control of your emotions and environment. Good call on his part.

411 days ago


You make him sound like a *****. There are two things you don't take into consideration.

1. If he defends himself he will look like the aggressor and could kill her very easily.
2. You have no idea what a crazy person is capable of. She might have weapons, or try to hurt her family or other people around him.

He is doing the right thing and involving the authorities and the court system instead of taking matters into his own hands. Being responsible is the sign of a REAL MAN.

411 days ago


Whoever you hired to cover "TMZ Sports" should be fired. The sad part is that Harvey Levin is a "lawyer", if anyone should be on Mr. Gracie's side for following the law, it should be him. This garbage makes TMZ lose even more credibly (if that's possible)

411 days ago


He's a well-trained fighter, and he knows how to be smart about things. But what I'm wondering is, since a trained boxer's fists can be considered lethal weapons, how would it work for someone trained in Jiu Jitsu? Just from a hypothetical legal standpoint.

411 days ago


Ha ha, people are getting upset because of the way this article is written. But if you notice, if you ever watch the tv show, they will say different, often more reasonable, things there. They purposely write things here to be more inflammatory. TMZ knows the guy can't fight a small woman.

411 days ago


Because when she comes banging on the door you expect him to beat her to a pulp. Otay.

411 days ago
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