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Fox Sports Commentator

FIRED For Homophobic Comments ... BUT

9/8/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A FOX Sports Southwest commentator was reportedly fired for making some pretty awful anti-gay comments ... the wrinkle is that he hurled the homophobic remarks long before he was hired.

Craig James -- a star at SMU and a former member of the New England Patriots in the '80s -- ran for a senate seat in Texas.  During a 2012 debate, he had some choice words:  Gay people "would answer to the Lord for their actions," and being gay was a choice.

James was hired last month by Fox Sports Southwest and then reportedly fired after just one appearance.  According to the Dallas Morning News, an unnamed Fox Sports honcho said, "We just asked ourselves how Craig's statements would play in our human resources department."

Apparently Fox didn't fully vet the dude.  The question -- should he be sacked for statements he made before coming on board?


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whats wrong with what he said...1) its the truth 2) its his opinion....whats wrong with the world...the gays are acting just like they use to be treated, either believe my way or your wrong

417 days ago


you have the right to believe being gay is wrong....the gays are acting like they use to be treated...believe gay is ok or youre wrong and a terrible person...thats being a hypocrite

417 days ago


Craig James is a horrible, horrible football analyst and commentator. There is 0 reason he should be on a broadcast of any kind. He might have been fired for offensive remarks, but in the long run it just saved us fans from listening to his bloviating.

417 days ago


you cant make people believe how you believe...i bet most people dont agree with being gay...they just go along with it to be pc or fear of losing there job...it wasnt that long ago when most people disagreed with being gay...i doubt its really changed...is that the world you wont to live in where nobody is honest....

417 days ago


His comment was "pretty aweful?" Sounds more like he was expressing his religious beliefs to me. Oh, that's right, you can't do that anymore in this country; especially if you are talking about homosexuality. It is a sad state of affairs when gay rights trump religious rights but, that is where we are, aren't we?

417 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean why is everyone attacking people who criticize gays and homosexuals? there is a very large ratio of having been sexually molested as a child, and then turning out 'gay' (allegedly not a 'choice' according to most gays). it's like they are in this way 'protecting' sexual predators of children, by punishing everyone who does not chime it with 'gay is wonderful' blather. it is not normal for 5, 6, 7 year old boys to be 'gay'. there is clearly some sexual activity going on with them. and so now every time some person comes forward as 'says something critical' about homosexuals, they are violently and brutally shut up. i do find this a tad bit strange, to say the least.

417 days ago


The Gay Agenda could NEVER have reached this pinnacle -- turning a once free nation into one in which Americans are no longer free to express opinions based on their religious beliefs -- if it weren't for the presidency of former Man's Country member, Bathhouse Barry Obama. His sudden appearance on the national scene --from obscure state senator with NO significant legislation or professional accomplishments to his credit -- was no accident. It was orchestrated by the Gays in an attempt to get US citizens to renounce their religious beliefs, beginning with Christians and Catholics. If not public renunciation, then enforced SILENCING OF OPINIONS shall rule the day. If you like this new dictatorship, ask yourself -- What if, tomorrow, it is YOUR opinions that are silenced? I beg those of you who still have the ability to read to please study the history of nations that fell prey to despotic rule that dictated what could and could not be said, printed, expressed. You need look no further than the recent executions of young musicians in Korea to know what is possible.

417 days ago


You crucified Paula Deen for comments she made in the 80's!

417 days ago


Offended people offend me.

417 days ago


So what do the gays get when they bash people who don't agree with their lifestyle? I'll tell you what.....a big fat nothing.

417 days ago


And by the way, wasn't it just six short years ago that BARACK OBAMA HIMSELF said that he agreed with his RELIGION, which taught that marriage was between a man and a woman? Didn't he say he couldn't support gay marriage because of his RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, the SAME religion that taught that homosexuality was a SIN???

Well why aren't you gays demanding that HE be fired for what he believed and SAID in the past? Oh that's right, because you are the biggest bunch of HYPOCRITES on the planet. You don't have principles and values, you only have an AGENDA -- to turn the entire word into one big sexual cesspool where the BIOLOGICALLY NORMAL situation of families of male husbands and female wives raising children is somehow seen as wrong, and your distorted view of what is "natural" is embraced. Well, there is only one way that human life can be CREATED, and that is by one man and one woman. You can scream your agenda from the highest mountain, and silence everyone around you, but that one BIOLOGICAL FACT can never be changed.

417 days ago


Beauty queens lose their crowns all of the time for actions before the title. Why would it be any different for a normal job?

417 days ago


What BS , now you have to accountable or every word you have ever said, because some over sensitive group people are running the liberal media. Are they held to the same standards NO. Grow a thicker skin!

417 days ago


It's a proven fact that 99% of white Southerners are racist. Forgot the name of the study but it's proven. If we just let the SOuth walk, almost all of our problems go away.

417 days ago


Funny, I can't remember CHOOSING to be a heterosexual. Last I checked it appears to be an irresistible compulsion I can't control.

417 days ago
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