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Fox Sports Commentator

FIRED For Homophobic Comments ... BUT

9/8/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A FOX Sports Southwest commentator was reportedly fired for making some pretty awful anti-gay comments ... the wrinkle is that he hurled the homophobic remarks long before he was hired.

Craig James -- a star at SMU and a former member of the New England Patriots in the '80s -- ran for a senate seat in Texas.  During a 2012 debate, he had some choice words:  Gay people "would answer to the Lord for their actions," and being gay was a choice.

James was hired last month by Fox Sports Southwest and then reportedly fired after just one appearance.  According to the Dallas Morning News, an unnamed Fox Sports honcho said, "We just asked ourselves how Craig's statements would play in our human resources department."

Apparently Fox didn't fully vet the dude.  The question -- should he be sacked for statements he made before coming on board?


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Azcactus the only one that is a waste of life is you sir/ma'am whatever it is you want to call your self.as far as I'm concerned you can kiss my hot and sexy ass.btw the truth hurts doesn't it but I guess it hurts more to have another man s gigantic **** ripping intoyour ass all night.

347 days ago


A smart employer would have vetted him better and not hired him in the first place, because he probably would say something non-PC on the air eventually. Also, because it was an election, his comments would've been well-do***ented and relatively easy to find. And apart from rape, all sex is a choice, really. It's what turns you on that's not usually a choice.

347 days ago


Pretty awful? Anti Gay? Why is it anti gay to express your own personal feelings? WTF?? So if you don't embrace, applaud, and support Gay then you are anti. What if you are like me, and just don't give a F about somebody else's bedroom partner? This is a bunch of pol. bs crap!!!! SO SICK OF GAY GAY GAY GAY!!! STFU about your sex habits and I will do the same!!!

347 days ago


Fox News vets? Republicans?

347 days ago


He can believe what he wants and he can say what he wants, no one is stopping him. However, the company has standards and shareholders to answer to. Therefore, it is completely within Fox's rights to fire someone who espouses views not in line with their policies.

347 days ago


these are the same statements the majority of religious people make. religion is homophobic and should be eliminated before it spreads more hate.

347 days ago


lol awwwwwwwww he didnt pat the gays on the back and lie to them like most think you should now days.you are expected to tell them that their unnormal unnatural lifestyle choice is normal and natural even though it isnt.next they will get mad if you call them gay

347 days ago


Ya know, if you ARE gay.....toughen up! It's a rough world out there and there should be no expectations of being accepted by everyone. Just ain't gonna happen.....

347 days ago


TMZ is sniffing glue.

Craig James big issue was / is the lawsuit over remarks he made about his son's football coach a couple of years ago. While working for ESPN he berated and made accusations about the coach after his son suffered a concussion during the game.

The coach sued ESPN & James personally.

347 days ago


its been fifteen years since one of my classmates at uw was taken, brutally beaten, tied to a fence and left to die. he did die eventually when they took him off life support, that was 10/12/98. that event changed how i view a lot of things. i will never NOT speak up when others are being put down, dehumanized. to stay silent is to be just as guilty as those who take things to the next level and physically assault someone or worse. anyone in a public position speaking as such is little different than a person who cries fire in crowded theater. words can and do cause harm depending upon context. in this context terminate his arse. maybe he can get a job with rick perry or on am radio.

347 days ago


It's like you can't speak on your beliefs regarding Gay people.. People have a right not to agree with the life style that's their opinion.....The end of times

347 days ago


Who cares? Craig can have an opinion like everyone else. Not everyone is in favor of homosexuality and thats ok.In fact thats good, people shouldnt support homosexuality.

347 days ago


I fully support gays and gay marriage. But I also understand that not everybody agrees with me. And that is their right. We all have the right to feel how we feel and we all have the right to say it, as long as we aren't being malicious or violent.
Gay supporters who are trying to shut up gay haters are no different than gay haters who are trying to shut up gay supporters. Nobody should tell us what we can and cannot say.
And yes, I know that companies have the right to fire anybody they want who doesn't fit the public image they want to convey. But I guarantee you that every single person who works for every single company has got some skeletons in their closet that can make the company look bad. If that is what you want to base your companies' employees on, you may as well just fire everybody and close up shop.
But I think this has more to do with the company being afraid of what the media would make of this story when it got out and that is why they fired this guy to save their own ass.

347 days ago


Hold the presses! There are stupid, ignorant bigots working at Fox "news"?? That is just shocking.

347 days ago

Scott Levy    

He simply expressed his religious beliefs. To some Christians, every word in the bible is treated as a fact. While I disagree, it's his right to believe what he wants.

347 days ago
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