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Fox Sports Commentator

FIRED For Homophobic Comments ... BUT

9/8/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A FOX Sports Southwest commentator was reportedly fired for making some pretty awful anti-gay comments ... the wrinkle is that he hurled the homophobic remarks long before he was hired.

Craig James -- a star at SMU and a former member of the New England Patriots in the '80s -- ran for a senate seat in Texas.  During a 2012 debate, he had some choice words:  Gay people "would answer to the Lord for their actions," and being gay was a choice.

James was hired last month by Fox Sports Southwest and then reportedly fired after just one appearance.  According to the Dallas Morning News, an unnamed Fox Sports honcho said, "We just asked ourselves how Craig's statements would play in our human resources department."

Apparently Fox didn't fully vet the dude.  The question -- should he be sacked for statements he made before coming on board?


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There's a pattern here.....the same radical christian republicans have been racist, going all the way back to slavery, so it's rooted deep in their bones.

389 days ago

Pete the Geek    

People can grow and change throughout their lives. It would be a shame if he was fired without having a chance to clarify his position. He can choose to believe anything he wants, but if he was on the record as having said that the earth is flat or that a big stone falls fall faster than a small stone, we would point out that modern science has refuted these old hypotheses.

389 days ago


They ran Paula dean out of town for the old comments she made, so no surprise here

389 days ago


he made those hateful comments long before he was looked at and hired for the job . but just like with Paula dean he has now learned to watch what his mouth says for it can come back and bite you for really gays will answer to the lord for their actions what was the guys brain doing to spew such hateful garbage

389 days ago


However, I will admit that the guy's comments were laced with arrogance and ignorance.
Firstly Gay people are not the only people who will answer to the Lord for their actions and how did he arrive that all gay folks chose that orientation. Most folks I know who are gay express that not only did they not choose it, they'd preferred to be straight because the gay life is anything but gay. Yes, there are those perverts out there who are choosing being gay as an extension of their already twisted sexual antics. .

389 days ago


He just spoke the truth. The problem is the truth is not allowed to be spoken today.

389 days ago


I'm actually someone who is on the side of Gay rights, that they should be able to get married, adopt kids, all that good stuff. But I think this is wrong. Recently the road gay rights is taking though is very scary. The LGBT community needs to realize that 'live and let live' isn't just for them! There are some people who believe in God and that God condemns homosexuality. Why can't they say it? There are people who don't believe someone can be born gay just like there are those who don't believe in evolution. Again, why can't they say it? Stuff like this is actually making me less of a supporter.

I'm starting to believe that if things continue this way soon its going to be against the law to declare yourself heterosexual before you 'try' homosexuality for at least 3 months!

389 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I don't know why he got fired. The guy didn't go on there and called them a fuudge p@cker, or little fairies, qeens or geeers. The man just said they have to answer to God, he didn't even say they will go to hell for their life style. Everyone makes choices in who they want to be with, so nothing wrong with saying being gay or lesbian was a choice they made.

389 days ago


This is what he believes, and it's in the context of running for public office, where he HAS to state his opinion on same sex unions. Why can't Fox - or anyone else - say: 'you know Chris, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one; now why don't you tell me about this football game?'

389 days ago


"Being gay" is a choice, because what people do sex-wise gets them off. People choose to have sex with those of the same gender because it gets them off. Some people, they get off on same gender sex. And that's all there is to it.

389 days ago


people who Make these comments are Gay themselves... so I'm guessing he's Gay and doesn't want the public to know Such IGNORANCE

389 days ago


Land of the free? Freedom of speech? Only if you fall in line and agree with the gays. Gay people scream and whine about acceptance and all this s---, but only if you accept their lifestyle. If not, they turn in to whiny little eye scratchers.

389 days ago


****.....What happened to Free Speech???.....He shouldn't be fired even If he was employed at the time. You don't have to agree....Sorry, but Some gay people are Real Prima Dona Weenies.....

389 days ago


Craig James has a history of problems. ESPN let him go for a similar situation a few years back. This guy is burning the last few bridges he's got...

389 days ago


He must still feel the same about gays, so ya can his asz

389 days ago
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