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George Zimmerman

Will Continue To Pay Wife

From Legal Defense Fund

9/8/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0906-george-zimmerman-shellie-gettyGeorge Zimmerman will continue to pay his estranged wife's living expenses from his legal defense fund, and he may even use money from the fund to pay her alimony if it comes to that ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Shellie Zimmerman received $4,300 after the couple separated for living expenses, and the money came from the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund.  Solicitations for the fund stated that money could be used for their living expenses, but that's when they were still together.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Shellie is not a gold digger and only wants necessary expenses.  We're told George will continue to pay her way from his fund, but the monthly amount will vary and every penny will be backed up with a receipt.

Now this is interesting.  If George is ordered to pay Shellie alimony when they divorce, he is leaving open the possibility that he could pay that through his legal defense fund.

So we gotta ask ...


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Am I the only person who thinks that this whole divorce thing is a sham to protect a portion of the money that will almost certainly be tagged for in future lawsuits?

408 days ago


I think the mainstream media is responsible for the Zimmermans' divorce by hyping this whole case as race bait. I don't know if he was guilty or not, I wasn't on the jury and I didn't see the evidence, but either way the divorce was caused by this case so defense funds should be available.

408 days ago



408 days ago


TMZ, have you not heard of re-gifting? A gift given is out of your control when it leaves your possession. It might hurt your feelings if it is not used in the manner you intended, yet you gave it with free will. The legal defense fund had no contractual obligation to the givers.

408 days ago


the divorce is a shame!!! she's probably only doing the "fake" divorce for the civil suit.

408 days ago


JZ will never rest comfortably again. Even though he's free to walk the earth, his soul will be doomed to suffer in hell.

408 days ago


I just noticed that he looks that POS thing Chaz Bono in this picture.

408 days ago


George Zimmerman
I find it very Appropriate that his X will be paid form the Legal Defense Fund. If he can by GUNS and cars and pay speeding infractions from this fund any other expense is OK. This prove there is Justice in this world or part Justice. All those who give money to the fund, just had a George Zimmerman shoved up their butt. HA!!! HA!!! This is Justice at it’s best. This shows the scale can tip in the right direction. To the Donators, keep giving his X needs living expenses and alimony when the divorce is final for her and her black boyfriend.
Here we have a real s*** bag a man who should be in prison serving life. It was very obvious that he had an itch to kill a black e r g g I n. As for George being an true American patriot, this need to be reworded to read George is a real USA a s s h o l e American P r I c k.
As for using the money to pay his X wife, why should one live with a murder?. Is she next on his list if she wears a hoody for him to go bang bang. There are better people out in this big world one can be happy with. She needs to find herself a black fellow to live with and stick it to this X who is a real USA sum Bag. I read on one of the comments that the State of Florida will pay his legal team or in other words “we the people” taxpayers.
We all are real Americans Just not native Americans. Check the world map their are Amerindians form the north pole to the South Pole. One needs to put USA in front to show the type of American they are.

408 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

This really only effects those people who got conned into donating. If they're angry, too bad! They're the saps who gave this idiot money.

408 days ago

tmz addict    

alimony is so evol!!

408 days ago

todd lee    

Shes hot

408 days ago


Keep the burgers and the fries coming for both these lard asses! When will they give us the news about there lethal heart attacks!

408 days ago


I can't wait to see Mr Zimmerman on CNBC American Greed: Scams ..This guy has the hottest scam going right now in the country ..Question to those supporting him - Are you really going to let this guy rob you blind , because of your hatred of some black kid ?

408 days ago


Sounds like hush money to me. I think she knows for a fact George killed Trayvon and even though he can't be tried again he knows he's a target in the public's eye therefore if she goes public with the news George would be killed by someone on the street. Why else would he sit back and let her trash his character? She is just as guilty as George himself and both will be killed...WATCH!!!

408 days ago


It is HIS money. It is supposed to go towards living expenses. If you didn't donate to his fund, why do you care how he spends it?

408 days ago
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