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JLH and Fiance

Photog Scuffle

Cops Investigating

9/8/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908-jennifer-love-hewitt-brian-hallisay-gettyJennifer Love Hewitt and fiance Brian Hallisay were involved in a pasta-fueled confrontation with a photog Friday night ... and cops have launched a criminal investigation.

JLH and Brian were leaving the always-delicious Toscana restaurant in Brentwood when a pesky paparazzo prepared to snap some pics.   We're told the couple asked the photog to lay off, but he ignored them and started snapping away.

Hallisay then allegedly got into it with the cameraman, and during the scuffle the photog claims the camera hit him in the face -- near his eye.  

Apparently Jen -- who is pregnant -- felt so bad she let the photog snap a few more pics ... and then she and Hallisay left.

Unlike Toscana's rigatoni, the confrontation didn't go down well with the photog, because law enforcement sources tell us he went to the cop shop a few hours later and filed a battery report against Hallisay.  Our sources say when he came to the station there was no visible injury to his face or eye.

The investigation is ongoing.


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Oh and if you have a few extra years?

Some time on your hands?

Try PROVING an innocent,"who-me?" shrugging, how-dare-you-as-NICE-as-I-am type?!

Is a sociopath.

Like me, you'll move on in frustration/despair.

Can't be proven or dis-proven.

You acknowledge they've smoked you - let it go.

417 days ago


Three words for the Paps from now on.

Just three words.

"Polygraph before pay-out."

You want your money?

- let us hook you up -

...have OUR guy (lawyer) ASK questions pertaining to MOTIVE.

"Did you go there looking to escalate something for a quick pay day and pay out."

417 days ago


Last thing before a work-out and church:

Interesting is this:

"Jen felt so bad she let the Pap snap a couple more pix."

In other words the Pap SOLD this to Police?

As a way of manipulating them/TMZ?

To believing JLH/Brad ACKNOWLEDGED guilt.

Showed REMORSE at the scene....

Cute - another reason I'm thinking sociopath.

Only a sociopath could come up with something that devious.

On the way to the station.

417 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

THAT is her fiance? That ugly, greasy dirtbag? HA HA HA! Love the filthy ball hat, buddy. That's the best she can do, apparently. Now I understand why she's embarrassed to be photographed with him; makes sense.

417 days ago


Sure is an inconvenient thing.

Having an Ivy League University-trained:


Studying them on a case to case basis.

Thanks for all the material, guys.

All the ammo, so to speak.

417 days ago


The paps should put this down to the cost of doing business and not whine to the police especially as he had no outward injury.

417 days ago

al baby    

Its all about us jack a$$s that post to these sites that keep the pooparazi in the faces of these people its that simple no comments no pooparazi

417 days ago


"near his eye..."

Hmm, probably gonna take a specialist.

Blurred vision.

Possibly brain damage.

Loss-of-life (if only) this-close to being a reality.

Our entire congregation - prays for this poor, sightless - soul.

417 days ago


So after being hit in the face, the photog continues to snap pictures? Don't feel sorry for him at all

417 days ago


Papps! Be as abusive as you want and STILL you get the shots AND a lawsuit. Sweet! Let's get a law to stop these bastards!

417 days ago


There should be a law that says that paps can follow AT THEIR OWN RISK. No police reports allowed or civil suits. You follow someone, stalk them, invade their space - TO MAKE MONEY - you do it at your own risk !!!!!!!!!

417 days ago


You say this is what they signed up for which is completely incorrect. They did not sign up to be bullied, harassed and stalked. Everyone deserves some sort of privacy whether you make movies or not. Asking to lay off should be respected and paps are some of the most ignorant people you will ever come in contact with. There should be laws keeping them at a distant, no pics of kids and no one including any woman out there celebrity or not needs the added stress during pregnancy. You ask them not to talk to your children and they do anyway provoking the situation. They do this not to get the best pics but to provoke them enough to push buttons and then go cry to police. Paps do a lot of damage to personal property while ignoring your request. I am sure if they broke your car mirror or entered your private property you wouldn't take is so lightly. Part of being a celebrity is red carpet, greeting face and such. But anything outside of that should be private respected. I would not be happy with 5000 flashes directly in my face while trying to get to my car especially pregnant. Where is the accountable on the paps.

417 days ago


interesting the photog was told to leave them alone he refused and then after brian wound having to tell him the hard way by maybe htting him in the face with the camera. the guy still wound up with the photo any way . plus one would think the camera would if not a total black eye would have at least left some bruising or a scratch or something the photog sounds like he wants some pay back for being told no

417 days ago


Oh, but they deserve a private life, bla bla bla. Notice they only want their photos taken when it is convenient for them, all made up to look like a plastic doll, but never "natural". Sorry kiddos, you are in the public spotlight because you are a "star", can't have it both ways. Bunch of crybabies.

417 days ago


If I follow someone around everywhere they go I'll get charged for stalking. Why doesn't the same thing happen to the pap smears?

417 days ago
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