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Bieber N-Word Hoax


... Says Bieb-alike Singer

9/8/2013 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The R&B singer who actually said the N-word in a song many people confused for a Justin Bieber track tells TMZ ... he's NOT to blame for the hoax ... but he thinks he knows who did it.

As we previously reported, several media outlets fell for a lame YouTube hoax this week ... when someone created a bogus "official" Justin Bieber account and posted a song in which the singer dropped the N-Word.

Turns out the song was actually a track by a singer named Khalil Underwood ... an aspiring R&B singer, who happens to be black (which explains the casual n-bomb in the song).

After the hoax, several people pointed the finger at Underwood ... claiming he operated the scheme in a shameless attempt to gain publicity.

But Underwood tells TMZ ... that simply ain't the case -- he's just an innocent bystander who was roped in to the hoax because he happens to sound like Bieber.

In fact, Underwood says he thinks the real perpatrators are Beliebers who truly believed the song was a Justin original and tried to "leak" it on YouTube.

Underwood says the funny part .. Beliebers were saying they liked the song when they thought it was a JB original, and when they learned the truth, they changed their minds.

Still, he's keeping a positive attitude ... telling us, "It’s good to know if I was as big as Justin Bieber people would like my music."


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How come black people can call each other ******s, but white people can't call them ******s? That's racist.

374 days ago


Message to America. You have to be clear. You can not choose people that can say this racist word. How could you say Bieber isnt a black guy? Its in his mind, not on his skin. Stop putting this word in hiphop songs!

374 days ago


If I were 19 and rich with a big house in SoCal like Lil' Justine I'd stock mine with co-eds in thongs and heels, however the Pillow Biters tastes clearly don't go that way

374 days ago


It's OK everyone! The singer is black! America is the land of the double standard. Maybe we could all quit saying it?

374 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Looks like a fruit case.

374 days ago


You don't really think the little girl has the cahones to do or say something that he will have to defend himself?

374 days ago


It's going to be soooo funny, when everyone realizes that this ugly little punk is a girl disguised as a dude. Put some lipstick and a dress on him LOL!!!
Teenagers are SSSOOOOO effing ridiculous now days. This kid is a not talented FOOL.
I BLAME USHER for all of us smart people having to be plagued with this useless punk!

374 days ago

William Kramer    

why does this douche always have the same retarded look on his face?

374 days ago


A cute young black guy? Justin will be all over him.

374 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    


374 days ago


Just goes to show how stupid Beiber fans are. When they thought it was Beiber they loved and were defending the song; now they hate it and the song sucks because they found out it wasn't Beiber. Stupid kids.

373 days ago


Yep, that sounds like Bieber's disciples.

373 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Who decided this was a racist word?? It definitely wasn't Webster's dictionary!

373 days ago


The song really is Khalil Underwood's song he makes songs and puts them on his YouTube channel. He's the one who made the 'heartbreaker' song but the song isn't even named that and it's Khalil's someone took his song and put it on YouTube and said it was Justin's song. Khalil even said that in his video and the song sounds nothing like JB idiots. It's Khalil's song and since he's black he can say '*****' and I and other black people would surely not get offended.

373 days ago


This Underwood guy just looking for publicity for his music. He created youtube account under Justin Bieber's name... to sell his music and link the video to his Youtube Account.

I knew this story long before!

Now he's playing like a victim. Give me a break!

373 days ago
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