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Zimmerman 911 Call

He Has A Gun

'He's Gonna Shoot Us!'

9/9/2013 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman
used a gun to threaten his estranged wife Shellie and her father -- this according to the 911 call obtained by TMZ -- and she was terrified he was going to shoot them.

Shellie Zimmerman placed the call, claiming George had punched her father in the nose and was making threats with his hand on his gun. She says, "He's just threatening all of us with his firearm ... he's gonna shoot us!"

Shellie says George also smashed her iPad and slashed it with a pocket knife. She added, "I don't know what he's capable of."

Shellie filed for divorce from George last week.

Police detained and questioned George at the home in Lake Mary, Florida, where Shellie's parents live. George has not been arrested, and has reportedly already left the home.

1:42 PM PT -- Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell tells us, Shellie and her father have declined to press charges and George will NOT be arrested.

He said, “My understanding is that she never saw his firearm and that is what she is now telling us. So George Zimmerman is free to go and will not be arrested at this time."  Strange.


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George is free to go, these aren't the druids you're looking for.........

412 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

He was just trying to recover his memorabilia.

412 days ago

BB not bb    

She starts crying when her father is in the house and George is with his hands in the air surrounded by police. That sounds a little out of place to me. Then she is ordering her father around yelling at him to get in the house like he is a little child. I wonder how much of this was just provoked for the drama.

How does someone cut an I pad with a pocket knife? Isn't the I pad a hard object? I don't think a pocket knife would do much to it. Then she was gasping that there was water all over the floor. What was that about?

i noticed George runs with a body guard. The police had to tell him to get out of the way.

412 days ago

Keepin' it Real    

Face it, that piece of work would have never gotten out of his "patrol" car that fateful day if he didn't a loaded gun to brandish.

412 days ago

buzz kill    

She is just a bitch drama queen looking to milk George for more money.

412 days ago


The lamestream media will not rest until our hero George is behind bars. Witch hunt!

412 days ago


omg shellie is such a liar yes liar she claimed in the 911 call that george hit her father in the nose & she claimed it looked broken, however police state NO ONE had any visible injuries..........liar she also wouldn't speak with police till her attorney showed up, hmmm guess she's trying to make a better case for the divorce

412 days ago


Liar liar pants on fire. Strange? No predictable....this is why you dont run your mouths until all the facts come out. Why wont you people ever learn?!?!.....Back into your caves you go

412 days ago

tmz addict    

Not rocket science

412 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Shellie's just jealous cuz she couldn't keep
her man away from that big sexy Rachel Jeantel.

412 days ago


She can't have him arrested yet... She needs to milk those $4k a month she's getting from the donations stupid people sent to that fat beady-eyed bastard. Once the money dries up, she's gonna go after his fat ass.

412 days ago


I see the Apologists are out The Guy is a MURDERER - Get it through your thick heads ...I bet most of you (apologist ) don't even know he was accused of CHILD molestation ...

412 days ago


Now this Murderer is free walking the streets! Let's see how His attorney defends this call.

412 days ago


George may not be a good person. He may not be a DECENT person. He may be a wife beating, old man punching assh*ole. But one thing that has been proven that he isn't, and that's a MURDERER. It was proven that he acted in self-defense, no matter what you little pea brained racists sitting in yo mommas basement eating mommas cookin' think. The amount of people that hate this guy is absolutely insane. Some of the same people who call themselves "Christians", and people who say they aren't racists. This poor guy, I'm afraid, isn't long for this world. Some dumb, uneducated, inner city dumb ass racist is gonna end up taking him out at some point, and that is indicative of the world we live in. Now, racists, go ahead and give me all the "arrow down" or "thumbs down" you can so that you can tell yourself that IM the racist, but if you HATE this man, a man you have never met, then YOU'RE the racist. That's all I got to say about that.

412 days ago


you butt hurt liberals, leave him alone already. you can't get him on anything. and it looks like his wife joined the liberal dark side and is now jumping ship..she wants to make that dough for that book she'll probably write.

412 days ago
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