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Gwyneth Paltrow


Cuts Off School Bus On Vespa

9/9/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!

Gwyneth Paltrow might be the worst driver in all of Los Angeles (and that's saying a lot) 'cause she CUT OFF A SCHOOL BUS ON HER VESPA WITH HER KID ON THE BACKSEAT ... and it was all caught on tape.

Paltrow and husband Chris Martin were picking up their kids from an L.A. school last week on their respective Vespas ... when Paltrow (with one of her young kids on the back of her scooter) darted out into traffic ... right in front of an oncoming school bus.

The bus driver had to slam on the brakes to stop from plowing into the actress ... and GP scooted away as if she didn't just put a bunch of people's lives in danger.

FYI -- school buses are giant and yellow and generally pretty hard to miss ... so we can't really understand why Gwyneth didn't just wait the 2 minutes for traffic to slow down before leaving the school.

We called Gwyneth for comment -- so far, no word back.



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Did anybody notice the sandals she was wearing? You don't drive a scooter with sandals or flip flops. Double A hole

372 days ago


Well, what do you expect. The State of California does NOT require people ride these small bikes to get a License. They only need a permit! More then likely she has never taken a MC course like those who ride bigger bikes. If she took a MC ridding class. She would have known better.

372 days ago


Not surprising coming from this skank.

372 days ago


Narcissism to the point of gross mental deficiency.

372 days ago


Why is there video of this? I agree that if you decide to be a "star" that your privacy goes out the window, but following them while they pick up their kids at school is just wrong. Sure, what she did was stupid, but I'm more appalled that some idiot was filming it .

372 days ago


What a moron, not to mention bad driver...There is no way on this earth that I would have picked up my kids on a motor scooter or bike or any two wheeled thing. She needs remedial drivers ed to relearn the rules of the road. I opened this to read about how the mean bus dirver had cut her off and was so pleased to read that she is the turkey in this shooting match......oh well, what can we expect...sanity??

372 days ago


no more vespa's for you ... take your own kids life into your onw hands and then blowit off and hide your face...

372 days ago


Uh, yeah. . . the other big issue that neither she nor her child are properly attired to be riding on a bike. Sandals, shorts, are you ****ing kidding me? Look up google images for "road rash" GP.

372 days ago

Mike in NC    

As Forrest Gump famously said, "Stupid is as stupid does". Our idols on the silver screen aren't always the sharpest tools in the shed.

372 days ago

General Lee Wright    

Clearly Gwyn was distracted by seeing a cameraman directly in front of her. This
caused her to forget to look left in the direction
of the on-coming bus before pulling out. Would
this near collision have happened if the
cameraman was not there? No, I think
she would not have felt self-conscious and
there free to concentrate on looking both ways before pulling out.
Given that she has to deal with such paparazzi
parasites on a daily basis when picking up her daughter, for everyone's sake, I hope she brings
the protection of a car from now on. Hopefully one with dark windows.
Does it seem to you that the bus is going a bit fast for the child pickup situation? Someone should look into that for sure.
As for all the jealous tongues wagging here, face it, Gwyn is the closest person we have to an
American Princess Diana. Let's be more respectful and take better care of our princess and her young family.

372 days ago


I never have liked her. What an entitled moron she is.

372 days ago


Wow...and then they both drive up the side of the lane next to traffic. I guess they are too good to wait in line at the traffic stop like everyone else????

372 days ago

Ozzie X    

And she wonders why she is the most hated celebrities.

372 days ago


She didn't look - if you watch her helmet she was facing forward and probably didn't see the bus. Hope she sees this video and LOOKS next time.

372 days ago


Gwyneth should of been reported to the police for pulling out in front of the school bus with her child on the vespa with her..
Not only endangering her daughter's life, but the school bus driver with any children on board.

Gwen should get a bad mother of the year award!

372 days ago
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